Microsoft ending support for original version of Windows 10: Pros and Cons that you may face

The Microsoft Windows users are well aware of the process of ending support for the various versions of Windows operating system. This has seen a long way and starting from the earlier versions like Windows 98, XP, Vista and more versions like Windows 10 are launched by Microsoft. As the title suggests this article is focused on the process of withdrawal of the support by Microsoft for the Original version of Windows 10.

The windows users have the knowledge that the software bundles or the technology provided by Microsoft are backed up by the after sales service and support via its service centers. These are offering the service and support for the customers facing any sort of difficulty in running the software. The original version of Windows 10 which was the first issue of the operating system was launched in the July 2015. Now Microsoft has decided to put all the support and services related to the original version of Windows 10 to an end.

This means the users using the original version of Windows 10 will not be able to receive any support on the technical issues from the Microsoft Service centers. In this article, we are going to bring the pros and the cons of this to light. This will help the users to understand the various after effects of this step. The users who have used the Windows 10 right from the launch of the original version can easily point out at the changes brought into the operating system since its launch. These changes were incorporated by the three updates which were instrumental in bringing about these changes.

These three updates were the November Update; the Anniversary Update and the Creators update. These three updates were responsible in the addition of the features in the operating system and the changes that were inevitable for operational sustainability.

The major reason behind ending the support to the original version of Windows 10 is to cut on the issues developing while supporting the multiple versions at a time. So the decision about ending the support on the original version has been stamped for implantation on this gone 09th of the May, Month in 2017. The original release known as the 1507 will not be entitled to any support from the said date. This is going to affect the businesses in many ways as those who have not updated can use the Windows 10 but they will not be able to receive the updates. Those willing to receive the updates have to go for the newer versions of Windows.

The users using the windows without any further updates will not have any drastic impact on their running instead they will not be getting the updates. But as the Microsoft policy says they will run the most updated version of the Windows 10 the users may go to the official page of the Microsoft to get the most updated version by clicking on the button “Update Now”.

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