Windows 10 S has the potential to create lifelong Microsoft customers

The Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s latest offering meant exclusively for the education sector. The range begins with the Windows 10 Pro which has a better operating system and is more secure. Designed, keeping mind the requirements and usage patterns of students, the Windows 10 S brings with it better installing applications and downloading facilities.

Features of Windows 10 S

  • The only browser that can be used with Windows 10 S is the Microsoft Edge which cannot be used along with plugins, add-ons or extensions.
  • Applications that can be downloaded from the Windows Store can be installed and then downloaded.
  • This version cannot be purchased in the retail market and is available on pre-installed in the newer models. For instance the Surface Laptop.

Why Windows 10 S is best suited for the educational sector

Since Microsoft limits the amount of applications that can be sued on the machine, the device remains more ship-shaped and works faster than others. The educational sector requires devices that can be controlled by the school because many of these machines are owned and even controlled by institutes and communities for the entire classroom.

Other places suitable for this device

The Windows 10 S can be used in cyber cafes, medical facilities, banks and military services, public libraries and any other area where restricted services are required. These machines are best suited for areas and services which need approval by the administrator. The device has a huge untapped potential for the educational market.

How Microsoft can capture the rest of the market

Other than the educational sector, Microsoft also has the possibility of taking advantage of the rest of the market also. With the presence of subscription-based software as a service and cloud computing, the scenario for the customers and technology companies has become very rich. Customers have more options to choose from now with browser-war and PC –war being just the precursors of the various user ecosystems.

Microsoft has successfully created a base of young users with Minecraft: Education Edition and Windows 10 S which is extremely loyal to it. Microsoft can use it to its advantage and create a wide and consistent customer base which will continue to subscribe to its ecosystem. This base has a steady source of revenue for Microsoft stakeholders if it can keep them happy and contented.

Microsoft may not have devised this machine with the idea of creating a steady client base, but it is definitely one of the fall-outs of the same. Creating a younger database of users who are happy with Microsoft designed ecosystems can definitely help the growth of newer users.

The market, at this point of time, had the need for a secured and less configurable software which was fulfilled by Microsoft 10 S, but by making the users get used to its ecosystem, Microsoft can make the best of this situation in the years to come. Creating familiarized users is the key to capture the market.

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