15 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Google Ranking

15 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Google Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is becoming tough with the fast increasing competition and the regular algorithm updates by Google. Nowadays, it takes a lot of effort and time to optimize a website rightly. SEO Tools are a boon in this era of digital marketing, as it saves a lot of time and makes your work easy and fast. However, many people believe that SEO tools with so many advanced features and huge popularity are paid and chargea huge price.

This is somewhat fairly true, but there are lots of popular SEO tools with great features and easy user interface that are free to use. However many free SEO tools have some advanced features which require upgrading the tool by opting a paid plan or package.

Here is a list of 15 free SEO tools that you can use to save your time and efforts while optimizing your website in search engines like Google and Bing.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights


This is a tool developed by Google developers. You have to enter your website’s URL in the box and click on the ‘Analyze’ button. The tool will then analyze the content of your webpage and will provide you scores in numbers out of 100 for both mobile and desktop. It will also suggest you the necessary changes in your website that you need to fix to make the page speed faster.


  1. Mobile-Friendly Test



This tool will tell you about the mobile-friendliness of your website. You will get some really good suggestions to optimize your website for mobile users. You just have to put your website’s URL in the box and click the ‘Run Test’ button. The tool will show you the result and the necessary suggestions within a few seconds.


  1. Google Search Console’s Submit URL


Google already has spiders that work regularly to crawl and index new and updated webpages in its search engine database, but no one can guess the time it may take to index such webpages. So, this tool (from Google Webmaster tools) provides everyone the option to index a new and/or updated webpage manually by putting the URL of the webpage in the box and clicking the ‘Submit Request’ button.


  1. Keyword Tool



The keyword tool offers free keyword suggestion for your website. This tool is a free alternative to the Google’s keyword Planner tool. The added benefit of using the tool is that it suggests long-tail keywords too. It offers all the options that Google keyword Planner tool has. For example, you can select the country, language, and filter negative keywords.


  1. Open Site Explorer



This is a popular tool created by a renowned and trusted name in SEO field ‘Moz’. After Google stopped updating its page rank parameter, this tool went ahead in the competition and is the most preferred tool for link analysis. Some famous and frequently used metrics of Moz are Domain Authority (DA), page Authority (PA), Spam Score etc.


  1. Schema Creator



Using Schema tool, you can manage the way Google and other search engines show your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs). You can customize it to let the search engines show your reviews, events, hours of operation etc. Schema code is easy to integrate and it just requires simple copy and paste of code in your website’s HTML source. It also comes with a plugin for WordPress users.


  1. XML Sitemaps Generator



A sitemap is a must have factor for your website. It collects the URL of all your webpages so that search engines can crawl and index all your webpages together. This tool provides you the option to create a sitemap in XML and HTML format.


  1. txt Generator



It is highly recommended to create a ‘robots.txt’ file and add it to the route directory of your website, especially if you want search engines not to index a few pages of your website.


  1. SEO Quake



SEO Quake is very popular and frequently used heavy SEO tool and browser extension among the SEO professionals and companies. There are lots of SEO factors and metrics that it displays for a website, for example, domain age, the total number of indexed pages, external links, social shares etc.


  1. SEO SiteCheckup


This tool tells you a lot of issues that you can fix in order to optimize your website. This tool is worth many tools as it shows lots of factors altogether that you can check in different tools. So, it is a time-saving free SEO tool.


  1. SERPs Rank Checker



This tool shows the performance of your webpages with respect to your targeted keywords in different databases of search engines like Google and Yahoo.It’s a good tool to check the keyword ranking of your website in search engines.


  1. Siteliner



Having a duplicate content on your website can result in penalization by Google. So it is important to check whether the content published on your website is unique or copied. This tool will tell you about this. Apart from this, this tool will also let you know about any broken links of your website. You simply need to put the URL of your website in the box and click the ‘Go’ button.


  1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider



Screaming frog is an old and renowned desktop application SEO tool that is trusted and used by a huge number of SEO professionals around the world. It shows results related to On-page SEO, for example, broken links, server errors, title and Meta descriptions, etc.


  1. QuickSprout



If you are not an SEO expert and you want to optimize your website yourself, then this tool is a gem for you. It will show you search result preview of the individual webpages of your website, Page’s titles and Meta descriptions, H1…H2…H3 tags, internal links and your SEO score.


  1. Optimizely



This tool basically shows you its preference of the landing page of your website that can result in a better visitors flow. Its suggestions are based on live traffic and visitor stats.

These tools are the 15 best free SEO tools that you can use. However, there are many more free SEO tools available. It all depends on your particular requirements that which tool is important and which are not for you. Whatever tool you prefer, your website will be optimized well only if you follow the search engine quality guidelines taking the Google algorithm updates in your consideration.

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