10 blogging mistakes

Starting a flourishing blog or maintaining a current page takes a lot of effort, time and knowledge. Both beginners and veterans may have likely experience the same missteps. Bloggers can easily fall into these mistakes that sometimes can lead to death. Yes I meant it right “death”, not of the blogger though but to the goal of making a blog booming with audience, creativity and quality content. Avoiding these common blogging mistakes can help you reach your goal and shape up your online reputation, thus making good monetary returns out of it. So, here are some common blogging mistakes to avoid at all cost.

  1. Niche and Target Audience – Can’t wait to start, everything is fresh and topics are like popcorn popping out of your head. Then, after all the mojos has gone out, your left on the corner thinking, what to write next. So, before even starting, think hard and long, what is the topic that I can write about all year round without getting bored –this will be your niche. Always remember that you are what you’re writing and basically the “audience” or readers can read you through your articles. The passion in sharing your stories and posts should not falter as the years go by. The best way to discover your niche is through your target audience. It is important that you firmly know the answer to the question, “for whom am I writing for?” The contents that you are writing should be properly addressed to certain group of people (market) that focuses mainly to the niche (product) that you chose. Be specific with your niche and focus on attracting the right customers or audience. If still cannot decide who you are writing for and what niche to dig, get a help from a reliable Survey app or tool to help you decide.

  1. Content Writing – This will be your “nut” in the nutshell, the very reason you started blogging is to write and share stories. One that is very daunting and where most bloggers fail. An estimated of 50% of all your visitors does not read down to the end, 35% of which gets bored to a rich text content and 10% just scroll away. The point is that customers and audience are very picky and that you should be very picky with the quality of the posts and write ups. Here are some tips to observe when writing your contents.
  • Media rich – helps deal with “easily gets bored” audience. It can also add a creative twist to your plain text, thus allowing your reader to get the point of your posts while getting them enthused to read on.
  • Quality – While media rich text can help, the quality of the articles should not be compromised. It should be neither “copy-pasted” nor long poetic, elaborate sentences. It should be brief that gives a solution to your readers’ concerns not yours. It should be unique and unlike any other. Always remember to give credits to the “real” owners of the idea, tactics or goods that you use to detail your posts.

  1. Page Promotion– Don’t ever think that writing is enough. Writing is just a step closer to having a prominent online career that pays. Social media platforms are a way to further broaden your influence online and your fuel to drive more visitors to your blog. Take advantage and leverage on the social platform, share, connect and promote your skill, stories and services, whatever your niche is focused on.



  1. Email – Collecting email addresses from your readers is essential in both leads and marketing purposes. You can email your subscribers and let them know if you have promotions, new posts, new products or even freebies. Make a network out of your email list. Email marketing will give your blog an added boost.



  1. Updates and Post management – Your subscribers and avid viewers watches the time where you would likely to update a post or post a new one. A disappointed client equals profit loss. Social media platforms that are linked to your blog post should also be updated regularly.

  1. Too many ads and pop ups – Ads and banners can help you monetize on your blog posts and expand your email list. However, having too much of these will blow your traffic away. Also Google can notice that you are putting too much ads on your site and either you will be penalize or casted out. So, putting too much ads and pop-ups is a big NO!


  1. Using out dated SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially useful in making your blog or websites user friendly and searchable. Every algorithm update that search engines make, affects the visibility of your website, now if you are using outdated SEO then your link would likely end up in the 5th page of the index. Most users click on the first top 10 on the list. Therefore, having an updated SEO will boost your online visibility not just in Google but in major search engines too.


  1. Helps – As your audience grows so as the work. Not taking some help is another mistake. Take advantage of the sourcing companies around you. Hire talented individuals to help you expand not just your contents but also your market. So, take advantage of the diverse skills and talents available and allow them to grow. Just don’t forget to screen and check their work before they post it.


  1. Not going out of your comfort zone – It is always good to write about something that you’re good about, however writing away from your comfort zone may engage your viewers. Bold, provocative and creative topics will excite not just your subscribers but also it will attract new ones too.


  1. Share and engage – Yes, your audience applaud you but that enough? Well, unfortunately not, engagement and participation to different blogs will help you secure trust and reliability with the blog community. Guest blogging and making reviews or sharing your thoughts and views with your co-bloggers will fortify your blogs visibility in the community. I mean, who doesn’t like a helpful tip?

Why Not Upgrading To Windows 10 Is A Bad Idea

With the rampant cyber attacks in the computer world that is happening nowadays, Microsoft has been aggressive in its attempt to push computer users to download and update Windows 10. Research shows that millions of users of the old versions of Windows are prone to cyber attack and hacking.

With the latest news of a new deadly virus called WannaCry spreading like wildfire, internet users are urged to update their software immediately to be able to effectively secure computer data.

WannaCry is a computer virus that managed to infect 230,000 computers worldwide. Wannacry is an encryption-based ransomeware that is also known as WannaDecryptor or WCRY. A particular WannaCryransomeware was seen in the UK particularly UK’s National Health Service (NHS) wherein the virus blocked access to all systems and files. The victims were warned by the hackers that their files would be permanently deleted and destroyed within days if they did not pay up with an amount using Bitcoin.Bitcoin is known to be the world’s biggest virtual currency. Also a victim of the virus was Spain’s Telefonica, Deutsche Bahn Company and even FedEx. The companies were asked to pay a ransom to unlock their devices.

Computer owners using Windows XP were hit by the virus but experts discovered that suggest otherwise. A cyber security firm named Kaspersky released new data that suggests that Windows 7 was hit the hardest by the attack. And it is such a tragedy that 45% of computers worldwide still run Windows 7.

The WannaCryransomware works through the system by encrypting files on computers and locking users out. A message will then appear on the screen with a ransom demand. A count down timer and bitcoin wallet will also appear to pay funds into.

Because of this, Microsoft immediately released a patch for Windows 7 for users to immediately update for the latest version.

Microsoft then released a statement that it is the latest Windows 10 software that is proven to be the only OS that is completely safe from the deadly virus WannaCry.

Such statement was then backed up by Kaspersky. They have proven that there are minimal amount of infection on Windows 10 which is due to manual infections carried out for testing.

Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brand Smith stated that cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. And there is no way for computer clients to protect themselves against such threats unless they update their computer systems.

Customers are advised to use the latest software version because it includes solutions and run up-to-date anti-virus program.

It is important to have backups all important data. Ensure that the latest WannaCry patch is installed to prevent the ransomware from attacking.

And for all vulnerable systems, they should shot down as a final fail-safe way to prevent and stop such attack.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) encourages all victims of such cyber attacknot to pay ransom and to immediately contact the proper authorities.

Google Tag Manager – An Excellent tool to implement SEO changes

The implementation of the SEO changes is often considered as the typical lengthy task. There are several hacks in completing this as an SEO professional have to look into various issues. This can be anything like the unsupportive CMS or the technical platform that require a variable length of coding and more. This often hinders the implementation process which ultimately obstructs the site’s performance.

The Google Tag Manager can be considered as an excellent tool to implement the SEO Changes. This is one of the best options where all the sites where the other systems like meta-CMS don’t work. This is known to be the best among all the Tag Managers as per the survey made by builtwith.com. This tag manager is using the JavaScript container to infuse various tags across the WebPages easily. This doesn’t require any sort of changes to the webpage.

These are widely used for implanting the tags as it helps in putting the single tag across the pages in a single click and doesn’t get obstructed by CMS restrictions. In this article, we will focus on how to use the Google Tag Manger for implementing the SEO changes. It is quite useful in making the changes at various places like the canonical tags, page titles and the on-page positions.

It is quite important to keep in mind that it is not an easy task to make changes with the Google Tag Manager. The user must have knowledge in working with the CSS selector and jQuery to change the page elements as well as to fetch data by using CSS. Otherwise, you need to gain more knowledge in these areas. We will consider various examples that help us to understand how Google Tag Manager can be used to implement the SEO changes.

How to insert an element on the page?

If you are willing to insert the noindex tag to the page, then you have to use the customized HTML tags in the tag manager. This will make changes in the Meta tags like as below.

This way you can easily add the elements to the pages like here the Meta robot noindex was added to the follow elements which were applied to all the pages. There is trigger indication in the Google Tag Manager that helps the users to decide which tag shall be applied on the page.

Using tag manager to assign the Unique CSS selectors for pages

For the large ecommerce websites, the inventory management can become a havoc which is managed by assigning the unique id to each page. The Tag Manager helps in extracting the data using the unique CSS selector as below: For our example, let’s imagine the product attributes as the GMT variables. We will specifically choose the image_id as the variable.

Now we can use any of the GMT variables as per the above image to fetch the date from the page. This can be easily done by choosing the user defined variables. For example,we will put the variable as product image, where we will use the srcattribute.

Now we can simply create the custom HTML tag that will look for these variables in the JSON-Markup. It will be as below: In this manner, the GMT variables can be easily extracted without even touching them separately.

This can be either completed by using the jQuery or without using the jQuery as the case may be.


Adding Canonical Tags to the pages

The below image itself clarifies that the Google Tag Manager injected tags are recognized by the search engines. The below chart defines how the keywords were ranked along with the usage of the canonical tag applied by using the Google Tag Manager.

These are the three examples that give us the idea about the advantage of the Google Tag Manager in making SEO implementation easy.

How to Free Disk Space Automatically with Windows 10 Storage Sense

No matter how much storage we have been provided with, it ends one day. And then we run around, emptying Recycle Bin or running some third-party cleaning apps like Disk Cleanup. It sure looks like the obvious things to do, but perhaps not the smartest. With the new Creators Update, Microsoft has provided us with something called Storage Sense, to monitor all our storage needs.

So where has this Storage Sense been so far? Well, it is disabled by default because when enabled it will delete certain files periodically without asking you; even emptying the Recycle Bin every month. Find enabling and configuring it is a piece of cake.

Enabling Storage Sense

The path to enable Storage Sense is:

Settings > System > Storage

Turning the Storage Sense toggle as ON is all you have to do, and Storage Sense all is set to be used.

As soon as Storage Sense is enabled, it will do exactly what I told you: Deleting certain files like junk files and emptying the Recycle Bin for items older than a month. However, it also skips over certain files like files related to the previous version of Windows and files less than a month old in the Recycle Bin; these files would need to be deleted manually, if at all.

Configuring Storage Sense

To configure the Storage Sense Feature, the path is:

Settings > System > Storage

Clicking on Change how we free up space.

A new window will open, where you can choose to enable or disable the following two options:

  • Deleting temporary files not used by apps anymore
  • Deleting files in the Recycle Bin that are more than a month old

In case, you want to free the space immediately, click on the Clean Now option, and the files would be cleaned immediately.

Always- evolving Internet scams target your money and personal info WNCN

Internet websites, as well as internet services, makes it easy for humans to pay their bills, make online reservations, shop and even work. Anyone can do almost everything through the internet from almost any place in this world. Human limitations, as well as old boundaries, were dropped so that we can have a larger and wider access to all the information we want to know. Because of the internet, our lives have been so much easier.

However, the same is true when it comes to crime. Due to the large network of internet, different types of cyber criminals and internet scammers affected various online businesses and individuals.


Since there is an open door that always allows access to navigate wide numbers of online locations, there is a greater chance for criminal minds to reach even our private lives. The attack methods vary from traditional vectors to ingenious scams where justice cannot be easily reached out to catch these eventual perpetrators.


Below are some of the most usual ways for anyone to become vulnerable to malware attacks or phishing scam. Their target is your personal info in order for these attackers/scammers to obtain money from their victims.


  1. Phishing scam – these types of scam are usually based on the communication done through emails or social networks. Attackers will send messages and will try to trick their victims into giving their login credentials. These credentials can be bank accounts, social networks, work account and other personal information that can be proved valuable for their target victims.

The phishing email seems to come from official source such as bank authorities or any other financial institutes. Delivery companies, as well as social networks representatives, are also some of the disguises they used to persuade their victims. Once the victim clicks on the links in their messages, they wouldn’t know that the website that looks legit has been actually controlled by attackers. If the victim is not paying attention, they end up giving their login credentials as well as other personal information.


  1. Money Laundering Scam – it is also known as Nigerian Scam. It is one of the highly popular and oldest forms of scamming scheme. The typical scam usually begins with an emotional message. It could be a government official, a businessman or member of a wealthy family who will ask their victims to provide their help in retrieving large sums of money from the bank. They will tell their victims to pay initially for paper and legal matters fees and they will promise a large amount of money in exchange for their victim’s help.

Afterward, they will ask their victims to pay more for additional services like transfer costs and transactions fee. Their victims may even receive papers that look real however, their victims will be left broke in the end without any of their promised money.


  1. Greeting card scam – It is also one of the oldest forms of scam. The trick is that the victim will receive emails which seem to come from a friend. Once the victim opens the email and clicks on the card, it usually ends up with malicious and most likely a virussoftware that will be downloaded installed automatically on your operating system. The downloaded malware can be an annoying program that launches pop-up ads and unexpected windows pop up on your screen.

Once your computer has been infected with these dangerous software, you will automatically become one of the bots that are part of a much larger network of affected computers. The result of this is that, in just a click away from the attackers, your computer will send private data as well as financial information onto a fraudulent server being controlled by IT criminals.


The above three scams are just some of the many forms of a scam being used by online scammers and attackers. According to the FBI, the number of online scams has increased over the recent 10 years. The total losses have been doubled in the past years affecting both large scale businesses and private individuals. Other forms of online scams are hitman scam, romance scam, lottery scam, fake antivirus software, credit card scam, travel scam and economic scam.


Have you encountered some of the above scams while you are browsing in the internet or in your email inbox? What are the most convincing ones? We would like to hear your story. Share your story on the comment box below.

Microsoft HomeHub: A step into smart households

Smart Homes are not a thing of distant future anymore. Artificial Intelligence and IoT together has become the key to turning your entire house into sentient beings that would bend to your command. Amazon stepped into this field with Echo, the smart speakers that could process user commands via its AI, Alexa. Now, it seems that Microsoft is ready to give some tough competition to Amazon.

Microsoft is currently working on introducing a HomeHub feature into the Windows 10 operating system. Instead of controlling hardware, the OS will instead aim to create a friendly environment for the users via connecting multiple apps to it. The company has been reluctant to announce what features would be included in this new addition, but many leaks over the time gave us a good approximation.

The biggest feature is the digital corkboard that will serve as a regular corkboard for all intents and purposes, except for being completely digital. This display will be always on and allow users to create to-do lists, quick notes and access basic apps like calendars and calculator. A new Welcome Screen has been designed specifically for its purpose. Like Alexa, all the commands will be processed via Cortana. However, Microsoft does not want it to look like an embedded smart home system; instead, it aims to let it remain as an extended functionality of its Windows 10 PCs.

However, this does not mean that Microsoft does not intend to cover home hardware. It is already looking to support controlling small appliances like Philips’ Hue Lights, and might soon cover a lot of other devices. Currently, Microsoft is trying to emulate Apple’s Home app, instead of copying Amazon’s Echo. It aims to cover voice search, calling and device control, but the primary objective remains to be considered a Personal Computer first.

But, the path for this is not easy. For starters, a lot of improvement needs to be done in Cortana for better response towards voice commands, something that could rival Google Now. This has been done continuously in the past few updates of Windows 10, but a lot more has to be achieved. A lot of smart devices need to be supported in order to fully harness the potential of the idea. For this, Microsoft is already working in order to support Hue, Wink, Nest and few other devices. Lastly, the biggest problem is the support of the necessary hardware in order to make this dream a reality. Microsoft is holding talks with a lot of Computer manufacturers over this, and it might be resolved in the upcoming convention in May. Already, Lenovo and HP are into the fold and are working on making the package PCs, which would both support the enhanced voice command of Cortana and the new Welcome screen.

While it currently focuses on small kitchens, the model (if successful) could soon cover entire households. With more and more tech giants jumping into the race, the day when your entire home will respond to your voice is not far away. The future is close enough.

How to create a SEO plan for your small business

Today, all the knowledge in the world is housed on the Internet. These vast heaps of information could be accessed by magical gateways called search engines. For a normal user, search engines are pretty straightforward: you enter a query and the engine will list out the suitable results. But how does it find those results? What makes few sites come up at the top, while others are stacked to the last pages?

How search engine works

Search engines manage indexes of the content of a website, along with its URL, hyperlinks, and code, and store it all in their databases. These indexes are created with the help of crawlers and spiders and are updated periodically. Whenever you enter a query, that query is analyzed against the stored indexes and the most relevant results are displayed.

What is SEO?

It is a known fact that most users do not bother scrolling past the first page of the search results. As such, it becomes important for your website to come up on the first page of the results. This is where SEO comes in.

Search Engine Optimization is making small changes in your website which can be registered by the index of search engines, and thus enable your website to rank higher in the organic results for any search query.

How to use SEO on your website

The overall procedure of employing SEO to improve your rank is a bit complicated; not because it is complex, but because it depends upon a number of factors. SEO must be able to understand the algorithms (like page rank) in order to rank up higher in the results page. In the simplest terms, following elements could contribute to improving the rank and reach of your website via SEO:

  • Title and description

The title and description (the one used in the code) not only enables the user to get introduced to the page but also the crawlers to build up the index. As such, both the title and description must be unique, captivating and allow users to be informed yet attracted towards your site.


  • Keywords

Keywords are by far the most important part of SEO since they play the major role in getting ranked higher in the search results. Keywords must be related to the content of your site, yet it must also understand your audience. Keyword density should be low enough so that it doesn’t feel forced. At the same time, there must be a variety of keywords used so that you don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.


  • Content

Content is all your website is about, hence special focus must be paid to it. In general, the content must be created by keeping the target audience in mind. But audience appeasement must not be the only goal; the content must also be captivating and informative for the audience. The content must have strong substance and be visually appealing to the audience. In the cut-throatcompetition, only the best content survives to have a dedicated audience.


  • Website Structure

This applies not just to SEO, but to any strategy that involves increasing traffic on your website. Your site must be appealing yet not flamboyant. It must be minimalistic but not plain. The navigation across your site must be easy, but it should not compromise upon the aesthetics in order to be fast. Using images and hyperlinks inside your site can go a long way in increasing the rank (like in image results), but it should be cluttered aimlessly.

SEO depends on a lot of factors that keeping changing with time. Yet, the elements of SEO remain the same, and adhering to it could improve your chances for a long time. SEO might look like a dummy concept on its own, but when combined with other approaches to promotion and marketing, it could go a long way in improving the reach and popularity of your site.

Become a WordPress Master And Discover Just How Easy It Is to Build A Website

The fact that WordPress today is the most popular Content Management System, despite facing tough competition from tough opponents like Drupal and Joomla!, is a feat in itself. But let us pause and ask: What makes WordPress so special? It is the evergreen features, the dedicated community, and the ease to use it. There is unlimited potential in WordPress, with numerous developers trying to come up with new features, which could easily intimidate new users. But in reality, WordPress is really easy to master.

Getting through the documentation

Like most languages and frameworks, the key to learning WordPress is through its documentation. The documentation is pretty descriptive (if not interesting), detailing the basics of the platform. The WordPress Codex is the online manual for WordPress and contains some of the most useful features like loops and template designs.

Getting your basics right

One thing that must be kept in mind is that WordPress is not some magical tool (although it sure looks like one). Apart from blogging, the most important use of WordPress is designing websites, and hence, you would need to learn here what any web designing process requires: HTML and CSS. The world of markup languages and style sheets has fairly expanded over the years, so you would do well to work up to HTML5 and CSS3. Even so, mastery over these languages would enable you to put your code directly into WordPress features, without having to depend upon widgets.

Take help from the community

Few technologies enjoy the kind of community WordPress has achieved over the years. There are thousands of people working, even right now, in order to unlock new doors from WordPress. Some of those people might even be generous enough. Hence, do not shy away from asking your queries in such forums. Do not be shy; every great programmer started from asking “how do I print ‘Hello World’?”. However, refrain from asking vague questions- these people might be generous, but they are not patient enough.

Keep plugins for the last

It might sound unfair; after all, why are plugins there if not to use them? Plugins do make our lives simpler, but it also gives us a shortcut from the actual hard work. Playing with the code, making mistakes and correcting them, it is the only way you would learn.

Read books

Reading books have never and will never go out of fashion. The Codex might give you syntactical information, but books will give you understanding and insights. Most beginner books fairly assume that you are a novice and thus explain everything on the way. It is the right way to proceed; understanding basics is the only way to master something. Some of the best books on this subject are:

  • Professional WordPress: Design and Development by Williams, Damstra, and Stern
  • Web Designer’s Guide to WordPress by Friedman
  • WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Google a lot

Okay, this is not our attempt to run away from your troubles. Problem-solving works best when you try to find a solution, and search engines are the best way to find treasures. Given the huge number of developers working withWordPress, it is easy to assume that whatever problem you are facing, someone might and already faced it and someone else might have already solved it. Not only will it solve your issues quickly, it will also allow you to see a pattern among problems.

Windows 10 S has the potential to create lifelong Microsoft customers

The Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s latest offering meant exclusively for the education sector. The range begins with the Windows 10 Pro which has a better operating system and is more secure. Designed, keeping mind the requirements and usage patterns of students, the Windows 10 S brings with it better installing applications and downloading facilities.

Features of Windows 10 S

  • The only browser that can be used with Windows 10 S is the Microsoft Edge which cannot be used along with plugins, add-ons or extensions.
  • Applications that can be downloaded from the Windows Store can be installed and then downloaded.
  • This version cannot be purchased in the retail market and is available on pre-installed in the newer models. For instance the Surface Laptop.

Why Windows 10 S is best suited for the educational sector

Since Microsoft limits the amount of applications that can be sued on the machine, the device remains more ship-shaped and works faster than others. The educational sector requires devices that can be controlled by the school because many of these machines are owned and even controlled by institutes and communities for the entire classroom.

Other places suitable for this device

The Windows 10 S can be used in cyber cafes, medical facilities, banks and military services, public libraries and any other area where restricted services are required. These machines are best suited for areas and services which need approval by the administrator. The device has a huge untapped potential for the educational market.

How Microsoft can capture the rest of the market

Other than the educational sector, Microsoft also has the possibility of taking advantage of the rest of the market also. With the presence of subscription-based software as a service and cloud computing, the scenario for the customers and technology companies has become very rich. Customers have more options to choose from now with browser-war and PC –war being just the precursors of the various user ecosystems.

Microsoft has successfully created a base of young users with Minecraft: Education Edition and Windows 10 S which is extremely loyal to it. Microsoft can use it to its advantage and create a wide and consistent customer base which will continue to subscribe to its ecosystem. This base has a steady source of revenue for Microsoft stakeholders if it can keep them happy and contented.

Microsoft may not have devised this machine with the idea of creating a steady client base, but it is definitely one of the fall-outs of the same. Creating a younger database of users who are happy with Microsoft designed ecosystems can definitely help the growth of newer users.

The market, at this point of time, had the need for a secured and less configurable software which was fulfilled by Microsoft 10 S, but by making the users get used to its ecosystem, Microsoft can make the best of this situation in the years to come. Creating familiarized users is the key to capture the market.

How Microsoft Has Changed in the Last 3 Years

Microsoft is the name that has now become a part of our life. We think about computer and “windows” is what comes to mind. We think about documentation and “MS Word” is what comes to mind. Such is the impact Microsoft has made in our lives. But this was never easy; it took years of hard work from Bill Gates and his team to reach where they are today. But, is it the zenith? There is no zenith in the tech industry. What is great today may turn obsolete tomorrow, and even giants like Microsoft need to keep up with the pace.

Back in 2014, Steve Ballmer resigned from his longtime post as the CEO of the multinational giant. To the common eye, this was a surprise. But for the experts, this was long overdue. Ballmer had always been a good head of the company, but he couldn’t become better. The monopoly that Microsoft created over the world of operating systems was threatened by the arrival of Android and revival of Apple. What Microsoft had was good, but the consumers demanded better. It was a time for introspection for Microsoft when Satya Nadella took over as the CEO of the company.

In many ways, Nadella revolutionized the way the company used to think. Microsoft was built and thrived over its monopoly over whatever it did. Nadella changed that by looking towards a healthy competition in the market. Microsoft, like Apple, had a long tradition of keeping its products exclusive to its users. This ended when Nadella decided to bring the popular Microsoft products like MS Office on other platforms like iOS and Android. This was a gamble, but it paid off. It stopped customers who like the MS products, but disliked the OS, from flocking over to products of rival companies.

Another bold decision that Nadella took was admitting that Windows 8 was a failure. The OS was developed exclusively for touch-based systems, which were still far away when the OS was launched. Microsoft, instead of being in the kind of denial they had been during the failure of Vista, admitted the shortcomings and incorporated it into windows 10, the OS that combined the facilities for both touch and traditional systems.

One of the biggest failures of Microsoft was in the mobile sectors, where they made the dead deal of buying Nokia in order to make windows phone a thing. It backfired, and Nadella was humble enough to admit it. This humbleness now shows in the whole organization and its decisions. The company has since ended the deal with Nokia but remains strong with its Surface series.

Today, Nadella (like Gates) looks ahead of the curve to invest in new ecologies. However, unlike Gates, he does not have any ambition to be the sole king. Microsoft, in the past 3 years, has seen a steady growth in share prices. The company has been investing in Cloud, IoT and even in Virtual Reality. It would be safe to assume that Microsoft is again headed to be the force it was known to be.