How Positive Thinking Can Be Sometimes Delusional

Positive thinking has been the buzzword for most of the world and optimists will have a hard time believing that how can this have a downside when the entire world considers it to be the most important thing.

I have written a lot of the need to focus on the good, but the articles carry a good amount of information on how to explore the weaknesses you have and what you would want to improve. This is because it is very important!

Being positive and thinking at the height of positivity is important but it has a flip side to it. The work scenario in my life has been far from perfect recently and even if I try to see the positive side of it all I cannot. Things make me want to say they are bad but I am juggling between wanting to be assertive and saying out the truth aloud. While working with equally positive minded people, it becomes difficult to raise any concern because others tend to take it as negative, which it is not. There’s a thin line between being honest and negative. I am simply trying to voice my concerns and not seem negative.

Negative people tend to whine and complain about the situation of things. However, honesty is simply telling everyone the state of things and how that information can be used to create a positive change. Being positive lends a shroud over the real state of social, spiritual and personal things and creates a false sense of perfection. If everything is okay, then there is no need to bring about any change. Looking at everything as perfect creates a sense of delusion. May be things are not in good condition at all, and we are actually compromising our values and requirements and potential to create that sense of perfection.

In order to evolve into something better, we have to acknowledge the areas which need improvement so that we can move forward. For instance, if someone is broke but keeps assuring himself that the finances are alright then there is hardly any chance of that person ever controlling their financial situation.

If someone always pretends to be healthy whereas all the signs are of a lazy person, then it is highly unlikely that the person will ever improve.

Similarly, in the case of a project if I don’t speak up of the drawbacks of the entire thing then chances are the project will fail miserably. Mediocrity should not be accepted but if you do and keep telling yourself that everything is fine then try to ask you the reason for the same.

People who are completely optimistic often avoid pointing out towards the true picture to avoid being labeled as negative. Life is not perfect, and even if you can make a fool of others, it is not possible to fool yourself.

Check out some myths about positivity and negativity:

  • Asking logical questions to improve the present situation cannot be considered negative
  • Being skeptical is good if you want to improve your surroundings
  • Being real is very different from being negative. The way you express it makes all the difference
  • Don’t be positive to hide the deplorable situation of things
  • Being extremely negative or positive is not good. A balance is highly required.

It is important to be honest and real. You should speak up when there is the necessity for it irrespective of how it makes you look. Being positive is important but may be not the best way always. Being real is more important than being positive for leading a successful life.

Why Do Many Mistake Honesty for Negativity?

Throughout their life, people struggle to understand why others are not able to deal with their honest answers or opinions, especially in the situations where honesty was asked for. Every time honest replies are considered as negative. This happens to most of us. And we are bound to think when did being honest become a bad thing?

Is it that people don’t know how to be honest anymore? Or is it that people can’t digest honesty when on the receiving end? There are many possibilities. With every human, the behavior and the reasons change. Let’s take a look at a few:


  1. People don’t know what to say:

More often than not, people just don’t realize when they crossed the fine line between honesty and negativity. When you ask for their honest opinions, they automatically take it as permission to criticize. They think being honest means speaking something critical or finding faults with stuff. They only know how to pick faults and then say “I was just being honest.” It’s their hideout. So in such a scenario, the receiver is not mistaking honesty for negativity, but the speaker is.


  1. Ego:

Mostly when you say something honestly, that borders on criticism or is not completely positive, people tend to take it on their egos. Nobody is usually ready to hear something bad about them. You tell someone that he/she is not perfect, their ego gets hurt. That is what most human beings make themselves into after growing up. They don’t have enough humbleness to accept that they could be wrong and what the other person is saying is acceptable.


  1. The relationship with the person:

Honesty could be well-received or ill-received, depending on who it is coming from. A friend needs to be honest and discuss the touchy subjects, even though you are not comfortable with it. It is still acceptable because you know your friend has good intentions. But coming from a formal relation like your peers, superiors or any other acquaintance; makes it hard to accept it at facevalue. Though it has been done in a healthy and respectful way, people don’t tend to trust on the feedbacks from anyone other than their close ones. They take it as an insult.


  1. How it has been conveyed:

Being honest does not mean you can say the truth by making fun of a person or bullying them. If not treated with respect, honesty can very easily become negativity. When thetruth is conveyed harshly, it is difficult for people to be open about it. For example, asking a fat person to take care of his/her health and lose weight for their personal benefit is acceptable honesty. But making fun of them or mentioning it every time could lead them to gain more weight. Human minds don’t like to hear certain things if they are not conveyed softly. Unnecessary persistence leads to negativity. Maybe there is a good point, but the way it is delivered becomes the deciding factor if it stays or is lost on you.

Seven Signs You’re Stuck In Permanent Adolescence

People grow up slowly, but that seems to be slowing down even more. However, since human beings tend to live longer than before, how does it matter if people are growing older more slowly?At present even at the age of 30 people can still stay as if they are 21. It seems to be a good idea to stay young as much as possible. However, there are many traits that adults with any amount of self-respect should leave behind.

Check out the seven signs that show you are still an adolescent:

  1. You don’t want to do your chores: Some millennials feel that washing even their own food bowl is too much of an effort and should not be done; forget all the pots and pans post-cooking. Doing your dishes is what grown-ups have to do.
  2. You expect the food in front of you instantly: Hunger can be terrible, but to start a tantrum if it is late? Some millennials even do that when they are delivered the food late by even 10 minutes.
  3. Pocket money from mummy and daddy: Today’s generation finds it tough to hang on to things, but a little pocket money from the parents is mighty helpful. They take it gratefully never refusing it.
  4. More trust in retro food: Since childhood, the millennial kids have been raised on packaged foods which are a huge boon when you have a lot of work. Spaghetti hoops and smiley faced potato chips are not only nostalgic, but they also save so much on cooking. Foil covered ones that come in baking trays are even better because it means no washing.
  5. Staying with your parents: Many do not seemvery keen on living with the parents, but the house rent and allied expenses force them to return to their homes and rejoin the folks they had left. It may be soul destroying, but the well-stocked larder and the laundry services are such a relief and can make you forget almost everything.
  6. Staying up late: Even if you live with your parents, you still have an office where you will need to give attendance. But the thought is quickly forgotten while flipping through Instagram and all the other social media sites. Staying up late and enjoying the social networking life is a good idea that reminds of the adolescent days. It feels good to hang on to the old habits and throw care to the winds.
  7. Falling in love repeatedly:Falling in love everyday happens to teenagers and those who still are supposedly in their teens. The mode changes though because earlier you would send notes to someone in your classroom or school bus. Now, you will send the same love notes to a colleague via office messenger or with the help of social media. Your frequency of falling in love and looking for the right person remains inexplicably the same.

Grandfather clocks and chandeliers

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Outdoor Electric Grill

Outdoor Electric Grill Review Sites:


Grill Comparisons

Outdoor Electric Grills

Sometimes you simply don’t have enough space for a full-sized gas or charcoal grill. Enter your answer: the outdoor electric grill. In recent years, manufacturers of electric grills have made huge improvements making them a really good option. While they will never offer the flavor of charcoal, they do a really good job grilling meat. Now, there are some wonderful outdoor electric barbecue frills that cook both meat and vegetables to perfection. They work well, are low-maintenance, and they produce great tasting food. Why not consider one?


Basically, electric grills are a compromise: a compromise for the one who cannot have an open flame at their residence, and a compromise as it relates to size and heat. For charcoal or gas, a fire can be as big and as hot as it can be built. However, an electric heating element can only draw as much heat as the amperage on the plug will allow. Even with the limitations on 120 volts of power, there are some really great options for those looking to grill using electricity.


There are a number of outdoor electric grills on the market, with the most popular being Weber, George Foreman, and Cuisineart. They are all very good options and have a variety of options for you to choose from based on your needs and budget. The size, capacity, manner of cleaning, and other options will differ depending on the brand and model you choose.


Electric Grill vs. Flame: Which is Better?

Although we understand that those who have been using charcoal or gas their entire lives are a hard sell as it relates to changing their form of grilling, we do want to make you aware of some advantages to using an electric grill:

  1. An Easy Way to Cook
    • The wonderful thing about electric grills is that you anything you would normally grill using gas or charcoal, you can grill on an electric grill. Oftentimes, it takes less time and with better results since you can control the heat better.


  1. A Healthy Way to Cook
  • Many electric grills are designed to reduce the amount of fat you consume from the grilled meat. Leaner is generally a healthier option.
  • Flames produce soot and carcinogens, especially when the food is charred. By using an electric grill, this issue is resolved.


  1. No Restrictions
  • Many residences, particularly if you live in an apartment, have restrictions on barbecuing with an open flame. That means no gas or charcoal grills. Thus, the electric grill is your option to cook grilled food.


  1. Simpler Operation, Safety, and Cleaning
  • Electric heat is generally a safer way to cook. There is no flame or chance for combustion. There are no pressurized fuel tanks or potentially harmful fumes.
  • Most electric grills can be broken down very easily for cleaning and they’re often non-stick making it even easier to be sure they stay clean. They are mechanically simple, making them light weight and convenient.


The wonderful reasons to use an electric grill notwithstanding, there are some disadvantages to using an electric grill to consider before you buy:

  1. You need an electrical outlet. This may seem like a no-brainer, but for some areas this might preclude someone from utilizing an electric grill simply because there is no outlet outside. This would also be an issue if you plan to use the grill while camping or at a park.
  2. There is no wood smoke flavor. One of the wonderful things about outdoor cooking is infusing your food with rich, savory wood smoke flavors. This happens naturally when you cook with hardwood charcoal or firewood. Like cooking with gas, there is no wood smoke, so it can taste as if it was cooked on a stovetop or in an oven. There are, however, options to add a smoker box so you can add smoking wood chips to get the flavor you desire.
  3. On average, they are smaller in size. There are exceptions to this, but if you regularly use your grill to cook for large amounts of people, an electric grill may not be sufficient unless you have more than one.

All about Grandfather Clocks

Have you ever wondered how grandfather clocks got this name? Yes, at first, the answer seems obvious. But did you know that the grandfather clock picked up this grandfatherly nickname for no reason related with the grandparents per se?

Here’s how…


Timekeeping is just as old as time itself. It was the hourglasses and later sundials where the idea of clock making first began. In 1572, the famous Galileo Galilei discovered that a pendulum clock was actually the perfect instrument to record time. Later on, with Galileo’s discovery, a Dutch scientist named Christiaan Huygens invented the first pendulum clock.

Where it all began

Pendelum clocks were found to be more precise when it comes to timekeeping that the first floor clock was created encasing in a tall wooden case and usually stands upright on the floor.

During these early years, owning a pendulum clock was a sign of wealth and nobility. It only became available to others until the 19th century. As the pendulum clock became more and more affordable, many people began to purchase them and now passed on from generations to generations.

So, what’s with the name?

In North Yorkshire, England, a hotel called George Hotel was managed by 2 brothers by the name of Jenkins. At the lobby of their hotel stood the famous pendulum clock which had been there for many years. According to stories, one of the clock’s more remarkable traits was that it always kept perfect time.

Later on, one of the Jenkins brothers died. Shortly after, the clock began losing time. At first, the clock seemed to only lose a few minutes daily. However, as days gone by, it began to lose about an hour each day. The remaining Jenkins brother made several attempts to repair the clock but the clocksmith have finally given up.

When the remaining Jenkins brother died at age 90, the clock finally stopped altogether. When the new manager stepped in, he never had the clock worked on again but made the clock stood stately in the hotel lobby with the time reading the exact time of the second brother’s death.

In 1875, Henry Clay, an American songwriter visited England and checked in at George Hotel. He heard the famous story about the clock and the Jenkins brother. He became inspired to write entitled “My Grandfather’s Clock, thus the name grandfather clock began.

The song was released in 1876 and sold over a million copies.


Other interesting facts about grandfather clock

  • The other technical names for grandfather clock include pendulum clock, longcase clock, hall clock and tall case clock.
  • The melody of the grandfather clock which was used for their chimes is Westminster Quarters which is thought to have been inspired by Handel Messiah during the 5ht and 6th measures of the song called “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth”.
  • The first creations of grandfather clock were not mass produced but rather custom-built. The first mass production of grandfather clocks were smaller models.
  • In 1962, grandfather clocks were being made using quartz technology which was invented in the same year.
  • Most consumers choose to display keepsake items in the grandfather clock.
  • Some of the most common unique styles generally seen on top of a grandfather clock are a bonnet, flat top or federal/arched crowns.
  • The first brass dial grandfather clocks had only one clock hand. This is because clock owners believe that the hours of the day were more important the minutes.
  • The first grandfather clocks were made from an oak tree. It was only during the 1750s when clockmakers started using mahogany in clock making.


Do you know other interesting facts about the famous grandfather clock? We would love to hear it from you. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Who has the BEST Cell Phone Cameras?

There is a saying that a picture tells a thousand words. And for that, cell phone cameras or smartphone cameras are more important than ever these days. So, whether you are a full-fledged photographer or just a passionate selfie lover, these are the best camera phones for you.

Check out our list of the best cell phone camera phones below:


Sony Xperia XZ

This brand has an awesome background in photography and also produces some of the best professional cameras around. It has a powerful 23MP snapper on its rear which makes you want to keep taking photos every single time.



This brand new smartphone from HTC is considered as having the best mobile camera on the market nowadays. In fact, it topped the DxOMark mobile scoreboard. DxOMark is an industry standard for image quality. Aside from its high-quality photos, it also offers customisable shortcuts even without touching the phone’s screen at all.



Now comes in dual snappers, LG G5 offers a duo on its rear with a third different implementation. First, you get the main camera of a 16MP snapper. Alongside, you have a wide angled 8MP camera and just like the 7 Plus, you have the option between the two for a more “zoom” effect. LG has been known for trying something different but quirky pairing.


Samsung Galaxy S8

One of this phone’s highlight is its curved infinity. Its camera sensor is 12 MP with Dual Pixel autofocusing technology. With its large camera sensor and advanced autofocus technology, you will be able to capture sharp and bright photos all the time. Shots are pin sharp, brightly colored and full of detail.


iPhone 7 Plus

This amazing smartphone features a dual lens 12 MP camera. One of the sensors captures more than ever due to its wide angle. The other sensor boasts its telephoto which offers x2 optical zoom. Aside from this, this cell phone has a new depth of field effect which gives your photos a more professional look than ever.


Google Pixel

Just like what is stated in its name, Pixel is the first smartphone created by Google. Its 12.3 MP camera has gained praises by the mobile industry. Aside from this, Pixel is also the first smartphone ever to feature Google Assistant. Google Assistant is Android’s first little helper with a touch of personality.


Huawei P10

Huawei is the first phone to team with one of the biggest names in camera lenses which is Leica. Its spec is made up of a 12 MP camera and the other one is a 20MP lens working seamlessly together. With one lens, captured images are razor sharp and come with vivid colors. The other lens shoots in black and white.


Cell phone cameras or smartphones are truly awesome. From Nokia 7650 which kicked started the obsession of cramming cameras into handsets, we’ve really come a long way when it comes to getting the best cell phone cameras. With all the top mobiles on the market rival, the capabilities of different mobile cameras come in a multitude of other tasks.

Have you considered which of the above brands the best are when it comes to phone cameras? Write it in the comment box below.