Bait and Switch Home Business Programs

Home business is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Along with its convenience of working from the comfort of your very own home, running your own home business has a number of rewards. Here are some of the popular home business ideas which might help you get started.


Freelancing – one of the easiest types of home business. Some of the skills which can be used in freelancing are writing, marketing, tax advisor, web design, and photography.

Virtual Assistant – VA provides a wide variety of virtual services for their clients. Among the services included are marketing, administrative and technical support from their home office.

Blogging – From fashion, travel, sports, health and more, blogging is also one of the easiest and most common types of working from home ideas. Blogging is a good way of gaining traffic to a website through the use of different social media sites.

Child day care – home childcare businesses offer long lasting and potentially lucrative business opportunity, especially for parents. You just first need to ensure that you comply with the state and local regulations when starting your own home childcare business.

Online Marketplace Store – selling products online is also the most popular way of home business. Once you have established your own network of consumers, you may consider starting your business on giant online stores such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay.


The DownSide

However, with all the convenience of being able to work at home, many try to lure people in running their own home business but came out as a fraud or scam. The term used is bait and switch.

Bait and switch is a form of marketing technique that advertises very attractive rate, price, term, item which is all meant to attract customers. When the person comes into this particular website, store or office and inquires about the advertised “bait”, the advertiser will then try to offer the person an even more expensive or different service or product which is actually the switch.

While bait and switch are most common to bigger industries with tangible retail items, home business programs are also no stranger to these bait and switch techniques. Let us take a look at some of the most common methods of this bait and switch so that you can make sure you are not unknowingly helping with this bait and switch scam.

Some of the common bait and switch marketing accidents

  • Using a competitor’s name in order to boost traffic to a particular product
  • Wording a particular campaign in ways that make it look and sound like you are selling something which you are actually not. Then using these tactics to trick consumers.
  • Using irrelevant keywords as parts of SEO bait and switch.


How to avoid getting lured into Bait and Switch or false advertisements?

First, one needs to research on the particular service, program or items being offered. Especially if a particular offer seems too good to be true. If a particular item or service is offered at a much lower rate, and similar items are more expensive, then it might also be a go signal to suspect that there is something wrong.

You can also file a report online against the accused company. All forms of bait and switch are considered illegal. And when proven true or more complaints are made against a particular website, then you can file a lawsuit against that particular website.

The best thing to do to avoid getting lured into these bait and switch techniques is educating one’s self. You need to be aware that many home businesses programs are now using unethical or illegal forms just to get their business operations. It is important to arm yourself with knowledge so that you won’t get lured into this so called bait and switch tactics.

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