10 blogging mistakes

Starting a flourishing blog or maintaining a current page takes a lot of effort, time and knowledge. Both beginners and veterans may have likely experience the same missteps. Bloggers can easily fall into these mistakes that sometimes can lead to death. Yes I meant it right “death”, not of the blogger though but to the goal of making a blog booming with audience, creativity and quality content. Avoiding these common blogging mistakes can help you reach your goal and shape up your online reputation, thus making good monetary returns out of it. So, here are some common blogging mistakes to avoid at all cost.

  1. Niche and Target Audience – Can’t wait to start, everything is fresh and topics are like popcorn popping out of your head. Then, after all the mojos has gone out, your left on the corner thinking, what to write next. So, before even starting, think hard and long, what is the topic that I can write about all year round without getting bored –this will be your niche. Always remember that you are what you’re writing and basically the “audience” or readers can read you through your articles. The passion in sharing your stories and posts should not falter as the years go by. The best way to discover your niche is through your target audience. It is important that you firmly know the answer to the question, “for whom am I writing for?” The contents that you are writing should be properly addressed to certain group of people (market) that focuses mainly to the niche (product) that you chose. Be specific with your niche and focus on attracting the right customers or audience. If still cannot decide who you are writing for and what niche to dig, get a help from a reliable Survey app or tool to help you decide.

  1. Content Writing – This will be your “nut” in the nutshell, the very reason you started blogging is to write and share stories. One that is very daunting and where most bloggers fail. An estimated of 50% of all your visitors does not read down to the end, 35% of which gets bored to a rich text content and 10% just scroll away. The point is that customers and audience are very picky and that you should be very picky with the quality of the posts and write ups. Here are some tips to observe when writing your contents.
  • Media rich – helps deal with “easily gets bored” audience. It can also add a creative twist to your plain text, thus allowing your reader to get the point of your posts while getting them enthused to read on.
  • Quality – While media rich text can help, the quality of the articles should not be compromised. It should be neither “copy-pasted” nor long poetic, elaborate sentences. It should be brief that gives a solution to your readers’ concerns not yours. It should be unique and unlike any other. Always remember to give credits to the “real” owners of the idea, tactics or goods that you use to detail your posts.

  1. Page Promotion– Don’t ever think that writing is enough. Writing is just a step closer to having a prominent online career that pays. Social media platforms are a way to further broaden your influence online and your fuel to drive more visitors to your blog. Take advantage and leverage on the social platform, share, connect and promote your skill, stories and services, whatever your niche is focused on.



  1. Email – Collecting email addresses from your readers is essential in both leads and marketing purposes. You can email your subscribers and let them know if you have promotions, new posts, new products or even freebies. Make a network out of your email list. Email marketing will give your blog an added boost.



  1. Updates and Post management – Your subscribers and avid viewers watches the time where you would likely to update a post or post a new one. A disappointed client equals profit loss. Social media platforms that are linked to your blog post should also be updated regularly.

  1. Too many ads and pop ups – Ads and banners can help you monetize on your blog posts and expand your email list. However, having too much of these will blow your traffic away. Also Google can notice that you are putting too much ads on your site and either you will be penalize or casted out. So, putting too much ads and pop-ups is a big NO!


  1. Using out dated SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially useful in making your blog or websites user friendly and searchable. Every algorithm update that search engines make, affects the visibility of your website, now if you are using outdated SEO then your link would likely end up in the 5th page of the index. Most users click on the first top 10 on the list. Therefore, having an updated SEO will boost your online visibility not just in Google but in major search engines too.


  1. Helps – As your audience grows so as the work. Not taking some help is another mistake. Take advantage of the sourcing companies around you. Hire talented individuals to help you expand not just your contents but also your market. So, take advantage of the diverse skills and talents available and allow them to grow. Just don’t forget to screen and check their work before they post it.


  1. Not going out of your comfort zone – It is always good to write about something that you’re good about, however writing away from your comfort zone may engage your viewers. Bold, provocative and creative topics will excite not just your subscribers but also it will attract new ones too.


  1. Share and engage – Yes, your audience applaud you but that enough? Well, unfortunately not, engagement and participation to different blogs will help you secure trust and reliability with the blog community. Guest blogging and making reviews or sharing your thoughts and views with your co-bloggers will fortify your blogs visibility in the community. I mean, who doesn’t like a helpful tip?