Everything About Google Home

What is Google Home?

Google Home is the latest device launched by Google. It is a voice-activated speaker and doubles as a smart home control that serves as a personal assistant at home. It works similar to Amazon Echo, but with some handful of things capable of doing.

Is Google Home available in my country?

Google Home was launched in the United States since November 2016. Then in 2017, Canada and United Kingdom added to their list of countries where Google Home is available. So far, these 3 countries are the only place where Google Home is accessible. It will surely roll out across the globe and there will be more to come in the next few months.

Here are 8 awesome things you can do with Google Home.

  1. Your Home Companion

If you live in Google’s world, your life will get so much better and easier using Google Home. This device allows you to load tons of information or simply get your smartphones perform different actions using voice command.

  1. Stream Music

Google Home functions much better than the speakers you have at the end your desk. Using your Home device, you can stream Spotify, Play Music, and other Cast-enabled apps without even touching your phone. If you want to pause or restart your music, all you need is to simply tap the top your Home device and it will automatically pause or restart the music.

  1. Good replacement for your desktop speakers

If you do not have a good set of speakers at home, then this device could be a great replacement. With Google Cast now built directly into the Google Chrome browser, this simply means that you can easily use it on your next podcast or music station. Just simply click the cast button on your Home device.

  1. Make announcements

If you’re too lazy to go upstairs and tell each of your roommates that dinner is ready, you can simply use Home to broadcast any message you want to make. All you need is to simply broadcast a message and it will then be automatically read aloud in your house.

  1. Tracking your phone

If you’ve misplaced your phone at home, you can easily find it using your Home device. Thanks to the power of IFTTT integration, it made Home even more powerful. First, you need to verify your mobile number and jump through other steps to complete the setup. If you’ve misplaced your phone, all you need is to tell Home to find your phone and the device will then place a phone call.

  1. Control your lights

Change the colour of your lights, turn them on, and turn them off using Google Home’s voice control. If you have a Philips Hue bulbs, no IFTTT integration is needed since it can interface directly with Home.

  1. More than just a voice-control

Voice control isn’t the only option to do things with your Google Home. The top of this device also has some hidden commands. To awaken your Google Home, pause or un-pause a broadcast, all you need is to simply tap once. Sliding your finger to the side of the circle indicates the volume. Sometimes, touching it can be way faster than yelling them out with your voice.

  1. Shopping Companion

Putting Home in your kitchen will make compiling your shopping list easier using Google Assistant. Every time you want to add items to your shopping lists, all you need is to tell your Home and it will automatically be listed on your shopping lists without the hassle of using pen and paper.

Google Home is a smart speaker where you can do lots of amazing things. From getting the news, listening to music, streaming videos, and lots of plenty stuff, your life will get so much easier with Google Home. However, it can be so intimidating at first with so much going on it. This is why we have put together all the things you need to know about Google Home in one place. We hope that the above things about Google Home will help you deal and enjoy the device a lot better.