All You Need to Know About the Amazon TV Fire Stick

As we proceed with the technological advancements introduced every day in the 21st century, the drifting trends from cable TV to flat screens and set-top boxes etc. are very evident.

It was just recently when another new gadget was launched and it has been gaining interest since then. This device is none other than the new Amazon TV Fire Stick. Amazon is a leading e-commerce site which has secured the trust of its customer’s over time.

Keeping in mind the developing craze of web streaming of movies, series, videos etc. without any fear of viruses or data hacking, Amazon introduced the Prime membership which gave all such benefits.

Developing it furthermore, Amazon has now brought the Prime features to your television by launching the Amazon Fire Stick. This TV fire stick is a device which can be attached to your latest Television models having USB slots. It is a prominent source of media streaming in HD serving up to 1080p.

Features of the Amazon TV Fire Stick:

To understand better, following are some interesting and breath-taking features of the Amazon TV Fire Stick:

  • Access to Prime Account: The device allows you to watch unlimited movies from a wide collection of genres. A number of series, music, videos, infotainment, news and a lot more can be accessed on your television.
  • Trouble-Free Usage: Using this device is no rocket science. It is easy to use with given step by step procedure mentioned for installation. After installation, it involves simple regular options as on your phone.
  • Customizable Controls: The Amazon TV Fire Stick has a feature of customizing the controls as per the usage. This includes the parental control where you can restrict the usage of certain channels.
  • Swift: It is extremely swift and fast during the usage. It functions in fractions of seconds without causing any kind of delay.
  • Data Tracker: You can now keep a check on the data that you have consumed and even change the quality of the video as per your preference.
  • Voice Search Remote: This feature is the most outstanding and mind-blowing feature of the fire stick. The device comes with a remote which has a built-in mic on its top through which you can give a command by speaking and that very show or application will open on your T.V.

What Things Come in the Box?

The complete box of the Amazon T.V. Fire Stick comes with the following five items:

  1. The main Amazon T.V. Fire Stick.
  2. A remote control by Alexa with a voice command feature.
  3. The adaptor for charging the stick.
  4. For the remote control, two batteries of 2 AAA Amazon Basics.
  5. An HDMI data cable which can be used as an extender.

What Else You Require to Use Amazon TV Fire Stick?

To use your Amazon TV Fire Stick efficiently, you should be equipped with the following three things:

  1. An HD television set with HDMI port
  2. An active wireless internet source with a Wi-Fi speed of around 10 Mbps
  3. A functioning account on Amazon Prime.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Set-up Your Amazon TV Fire Stick

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set-up the Amazon T.V. Fire Stick to your television:

Step 1: Pairing Your Remote

Put in the two batteries in the remote and then bring the remote near the Amazon stick after plugging it into the TV. Press the Home button on the remote and hold for 10 seconds. Your remote will then get paired with your stick. After this step, you will be asked to Press the start button.

To help you understand the functionality of the button of the Alexa remote, check out the below diagram:


Step 2: Select Your Language Preference from the List

Choose your preferred language from the given list that will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Connect To the Internet

Connect to the available source of internet.

Step 4: Register Your TV Fire Stick on Amazon

If you have not created an account on Amazon, you are required to create an account by registering and submitting your details on Amazon.

Step 5: Save Your Wi-Fi Password to Amazon

Save the password required to connect with the internet to Amazon.

Step 6: Password Protection

Set the parental controls to your Amazon TV fire stick by setting a five-digit PIN as your password. Please note that this step is not compulsory and you can apply parental controls only if you require using this feature.

Step 7: Introduction Video

The next screen will display an introduction video that will guide you about using the Alexa Remote’s voice commands with your Amazon TV Fire Stick.

Step 8: Set Your Monthly Data Limit and Monitor it

You will next see the screen having the option to set your monthly data limit as per your plan. If you have an unlimited data plan, you can just skip the step to save your time.

Step 9: Pair Your Alexa Remote to Your Amazon TV Fire Stick

This is the final step that will complete the installation process. You need to pair your Alexa Remote to your Amazon TV Fire Stick remote application and you are all set to go.

What Price Do You Need to Pay for This Product?

The Amazon T.V. Fire Stick with the Alexa remote costs around 39.99$. It is definitely a very reasonable and affordable price for a product with such advanced features. Many other devices are also available for various infotainment purposes but with the recent introduction of this fire stick has given hard competition to all of them. The main reason being the distinctive feature of the voice recognition control remote makes it even more stupendous.

Pros and Cons:

Talking about a few benefits of the device, some Pros can be stated as:

  • Handy approach to Amazon Prime features
  • Smart and new voice control remote system
  • Integrated software on the home screen and applications by Alexa

Everything has its positive and negative aspect, and so this device has. Therefore some Cons of the device are as follows:

  • Voice search is a bit problematic while using third-party applications.
  • There is a 60 seconds frame playback on sports channels.

Let’s Have a Look at The Performance of The Amazon TV Fire Stick:

The stick comes with a quad-core processor which boosts up the power of the device. It is easy to use with fleet functioning and speedy loading of the videos.

The main attraction which has compelled buyers to purchase the product is nevertheless the voice feature which is used by pressing and holding the voice button on the remote and then speaking the command. It has turned out pretty functional and has increased the popularity and distinctiveness of the device.

Another main review was the accuracy of the commands given. The Alexa remote hardly misunderstood anything said via it. You can search the actor names, genre, movie names etc. using the voice control and get accurate results on the screen.

Overall, the product has got 4.4/5 star rating by the users and is considered as a worthy purchase.