Embed audio & video on WordPress with these plugins

WordPress is today the biggest platform for blogging and one of the most popular ones for content hosting. From the most casual to the most devout user, WordPress has something to offer to everyone. One of the numerous features that WordPress provides is the ability to include media like audio and video into the site. But, how is this useful?

The obvious reason is the attractiveness of the website. A site offering music along with content is obviously much more appealing that a site providing only content. But apart from the look, the bigger reason is the utility. Audio and video enable the content to be more elaborative and explanatory, which compels the users to come back to it often.

The most common and the simplest way to embed audio/video into your site are uploading it to the media library of the site. Once that it is done, you could include the content anywhere On your site by creating simple shortcuts. It also allows you to create shortcuts and include thumbnails.

However, re-uploading the content on every site you use could be costly and tedious. The better approach would be to use oEmbed, the inbuilt WordPress feature that provides powerful functionalities. It could extract content directly from third-party applications like YouTube and DailyMotion, and embed it into your site. The procedure is simple and requires only a URL in most cases. Yet, inbuilt features have their limitations in scale and functionality. For this, the use of plugins comes into play.

  • Video Plugins

If your video content comes primarily from YouTube, then Yottie is an excellent plugin for you. Being a dedicated plugin for a single website, Yottie provides a host of excellent features, like the ability to deal with not just individual videos but whole playlists and channel. The plugin provides numerous settings to choose from, depending on whatever suits you the best. In case your videos come from multiple sources, Video Gallery is a great plugin for you. It not only scrapes videos from multiple sites, it could also host videos from your local drive. Also, it supports the live streaming feature, which is a huge plus point in many cases.

  • Audio Plugins

WordPress is fast becoming a favorite for podcasts, and MP3 Sticky Player is a great plugin for that purpose. Not only could you include content from sites like SoundCloud, you could also directly upload audio content to your website. However, if that looks plain and boring to you, you could always go for tPlayer. There is nothing new in tPlayer as far as functionality is considered, but the look and aesthetics are great. If you want to improve the look even further by manually customizing the audio content, Disk Audio Player is a fine choice. Based on HTML5, Disk Audio Player gives a host of customizing options, along with Buy/Download buttons so that you could use your site for financial gains.

The options to choose from are many, and each provides a set of features that might appeal to some if not all. What is necessary for you to realize is that audio/video content is necessary today in order to keep your site relevant. Choosing the right plugins can contribute a lot in increasing your site’s traffic.

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