How Positive Thinking Can Be Sometimes Delusional

Positive thinking has been the buzzword for most of the world and optimists will have a hard time believing that how can this have a downside when the entire world considers it to be the most important thing.

I have written a lot of the need to focus on the good, but the articles carry a good amount of information on how to explore the weaknesses you have and what you would want to improve. This is because it is very important!

Being positive and thinking at the height of positivity is important but it has a flip side to it. The work scenario in my life has been far from perfect recently and even if I try to see the positive side of it all I cannot. Things make me want to say they are bad but I am juggling between wanting to be assertive and saying out the truth aloud. While working with equally positive minded people, it becomes difficult to raise any concern because others tend to take it as negative, which it is not. There’s a thin line between being honest and negative. I am simply trying to voice my concerns and not seem negative.

Negative people tend to whine and complain about the situation of things. However, honesty is simply telling everyone the state of things and how that information can be used to create a positive change. Being positive lends a shroud over the real state of social, spiritual and personal things and creates a false sense of perfection. If everything is okay, then there is no need to bring about any change. Looking at everything as perfect creates a sense of delusion. May be things are not in good condition at all, and we are actually compromising our values and requirements and potential to create that sense of perfection.

In order to evolve into something better, we have to acknowledge the areas which need improvement so that we can move forward. For instance, if someone is broke but keeps assuring himself that the finances are alright then there is hardly any chance of that person ever controlling their financial situation.

If someone always pretends to be healthy whereas all the signs are of a lazy person, then it is highly unlikely that the person will ever improve.

Similarly, in the case of a project if I don’t speak up of the drawbacks of the entire thing then chances are the project will fail miserably. Mediocrity should not be accepted but if you do and keep telling yourself that everything is fine then try to ask you the reason for the same.

People who are completely optimistic often avoid pointing out towards the true picture to avoid being labeled as negative. Life is not perfect, and even if you can make a fool of others, it is not possible to fool yourself.

Check out some myths about positivity and negativity:

  • Asking logical questions to improve the present situation cannot be considered negative
  • Being skeptical is good if you want to improve your surroundings
  • Being real is very different from being negative. The way you express it makes all the difference
  • Don’t be positive to hide the deplorable situation of things
  • Being extremely negative or positive is not good. A balance is highly required.

It is important to be honest and real. You should speak up when there is the necessity for it irrespective of how it makes you look. Being positive is important but may be not the best way always. Being real is more important than being positive for leading a successful life.

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