Apple simplifies Windows 10 installs with support for Creators Update

Apple has upgradedmacOS Sierra to version 10.12.5 this week with dozens of security layers. It allows users to install the latest version of Windows 10 OS on their MacOSsystems. Sierra 10.12.5 also supports free installation of Windows 10 creators to renew using boot camp.

Creator update is a nameof Windows 10 1703 which was given by Microsoft last month. Boot Camp, which is mixed into MacOS, that will allow Mac administrators to run Windows on their machines; Windows license is required for this purpose. Running windows involves customized software on a Mac PC. Mac owners can also directly set up a disk image in .ISO design of Windows 10 1703 into Boot Camp.

System Requirement

System requirement varies from 32 bit to 64 bit Windows versions. You need support software package (drivers) put in with the camp to use Windows 10. This software package is mechanically downloaded once you use camp Assistant. Camp supports 64-bit versions of Windows 10 once used with a supported Mac.

You will also needan associate ISO file of the 64-bit version of the Windows 10 installer to put in Windows on your Mac. Windows 10 is accessible from Microsoft as the associate ISO file and a USB flash drive. If you bought the USB flash drive version, you’ll be able to transfer associate ISO from Microsoft and use the Windows installation key that came along with your flash drive.

If you are putting in Windows for the primary time, check that the Windows installer you are using is for a full installation (not associate upgrade installer).

As the time passes, creator update is providing newly design and creative system for personal computer users. Creators Update provides latest experiences for millions of Windows 10 devices: a new design system; creative experiences that will move with you across Windows, iOS and Android; new apps approaching to the Windows Store — including iTunes; new utensils that make Windows home for all developers; and the world’s first Windows Mixed Reality activity controllers.

In the nutshell, by means of this article, we just noticed the simplification of Apple to support Windows 10 1703 configuration system. As we know, for any software to be installed on a particular machine system support and configuration is an important factor to understand. For this purpose, Apple will clarify and support for Windows 10 1703 so that we can work easily in a user-friendly manner on Windows 10 1703 system.

Microsoft ending support for original version of Windows 10: Pros and Cons that you may face

The Microsoft Windows users are well aware of the process of ending support for the various versions of Windows operating system. This has seen a long way and starting from the earlier versions like Windows 98, XP, Vista and more versions like Windows 10 are launched by Microsoft. As the title suggests this article is focused on the process of withdrawal of the support by Microsoft for the Original version of Windows 10.

The windows users have the knowledge that the software bundles or the technology provided by Microsoft are backed up by the after sales service and support via its service centers. These are offering the service and support for the customers facing any sort of difficulty in running the software. The original version of Windows 10 which was the first issue of the operating system was launched in the July 2015. Now Microsoft has decided to put all the support and services related to the original version of Windows 10 to an end.

This means the users using the original version of Windows 10 will not be able to receive any support on the technical issues from the Microsoft Service centers. In this article, we are going to bring the pros and the cons of this to light. This will help the users to understand the various after effects of this step. The users who have used the Windows 10 right from the launch of the original version can easily point out at the changes brought into the operating system since its launch. These changes were incorporated by the three updates which were instrumental in bringing about these changes.

These three updates were the November Update; the Anniversary Update and the Creators update. These three updates were responsible in the addition of the features in the operating system and the changes that were inevitable for operational sustainability.

The major reason behind ending the support to the original version of Windows 10 is to cut on the issues developing while supporting the multiple versions at a time. So the decision about ending the support on the original version has been stamped for implantation on this gone 09th of the May, Month in 2017. The original release known as the 1507 will not be entitled to any support from the said date. This is going to affect the businesses in many ways as those who have not updated can use the Windows 10 but they will not be able to receive the updates. Those willing to receive the updates have to go for the newer versions of Windows.

The users using the windows without any further updates will not have any drastic impact on their running instead they will not be getting the updates. But as the Microsoft policy says they will run the most updated version of the Windows 10 the users may go to the official page of the Microsoft to get the most updated version by clicking on the button “Update Now”.


Embed audio & video on WordPress with these plugins

WordPress is today the biggest platform for blogging and one of the most popular ones for content hosting. From the most casual to the most devout user, WordPress has something to offer to everyone. One of the numerous features that WordPress provides is the ability to include media like audio and video into the site. But, how is this useful?

The obvious reason is the attractiveness of the website. A site offering music along with content is obviously much more appealing that a site providing only content. But apart from the look, the bigger reason is the utility. Audio and video enable the content to be more elaborative and explanatory, which compels the users to come back to it often.

The most common and the simplest way to embed audio/video into your site are uploading it to the media library of the site. Once that it is done, you could include the content anywhere On your site by creating simple shortcuts. It also allows you to create shortcuts and include thumbnails.

However, re-uploading the content on every site you use could be costly and tedious. The better approach would be to use oEmbed, the inbuilt WordPress feature that provides powerful functionalities. It could extract content directly from third-party applications like YouTube and DailyMotion, and embed it into your site. The procedure is simple and requires only a URL in most cases. Yet, inbuilt features have their limitations in scale and functionality. For this, the use of plugins comes into play.

  • Video Plugins

If your video content comes primarily from YouTube, then Yottie is an excellent plugin for you. Being a dedicated plugin for a single website, Yottie provides a host of excellent features, like the ability to deal with not just individual videos but whole playlists and channel. The plugin provides numerous settings to choose from, depending on whatever suits you the best. In case your videos come from multiple sources, Video Gallery is a great plugin for you. It not only scrapes videos from multiple sites, it could also host videos from your local drive. Also, it supports the live streaming feature, which is a huge plus point in many cases.

  • Audio Plugins

WordPress is fast becoming a favorite for podcasts, and MP3 Sticky Player is a great plugin for that purpose. Not only could you include content from sites like SoundCloud, you could also directly upload audio content to your website. However, if that looks plain and boring to you, you could always go for tPlayer. There is nothing new in tPlayer as far as functionality is considered, but the look and aesthetics are great. If you want to improve the look even further by manually customizing the audio content, Disk Audio Player is a fine choice. Based on HTML5, Disk Audio Player gives a host of customizing options, along with Buy/Download buttons so that you could use your site for financial gains.

The options to choose from are many, and each provides a set of features that might appeal to some if not all. What is necessary for you to realize is that audio/video content is necessary today in order to keep your site relevant. Choosing the right plugins can contribute a lot in increasing your site’s traffic.

15 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Google Ranking

15 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Google Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is becoming tough with the fast increasing competition and the regular algorithm updates by Google. Nowadays, it takes a lot of effort and time to optimize a website rightly. SEO Tools are a boon in this era of digital marketing, as it saves a lot of time and makes your work easy and fast. However, many people believe that SEO tools with so many advanced features and huge popularity are paid and chargea huge price.

This is somewhat fairly true, but there are lots of popular SEO tools with great features and easy user interface that are free to use. However many free SEO tools have some advanced features which require upgrading the tool by opting a paid plan or package.

Here is a list of 15 free SEO tools that you can use to save your time and efforts while optimizing your website in search engines like Google and Bing.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights


This is a tool developed by Google developers. You have to enter your website’s URL in the box and click on the ‘Analyze’ button. The tool will then analyze the content of your webpage and will provide you scores in numbers out of 100 for both mobile and desktop. It will also suggest you the necessary changes in your website that you need to fix to make the page speed faster.


  1. Mobile-Friendly Test



This tool will tell you about the mobile-friendliness of your website. You will get some really good suggestions to optimize your website for mobile users. You just have to put your website’s URL in the box and click the ‘Run Test’ button. The tool will show you the result and the necessary suggestions within a few seconds.


  1. Google Search Console’s Submit URL


Google already has spiders that work regularly to crawl and index new and updated webpages in its search engine database, but no one can guess the time it may take to index such webpages. So, this tool (from Google Webmaster tools) provides everyone the option to index a new and/or updated webpage manually by putting the URL of the webpage in the box and clicking the ‘Submit Request’ button.


  1. Keyword Tool



The keyword tool offers free keyword suggestion for your website. This tool is a free alternative to the Google’s keyword Planner tool. The added benefit of using the tool is that it suggests long-tail keywords too. It offers all the options that Google keyword Planner tool has. For example, you can select the country, language, and filter negative keywords.


  1. Open Site Explorer



This is a popular tool created by a renowned and trusted name in SEO field ‘Moz’. After Google stopped updating its page rank parameter, this tool went ahead in the competition and is the most preferred tool for link analysis. Some famous and frequently used metrics of Moz are Domain Authority (DA), page Authority (PA), Spam Score etc.


  1. Schema Creator



Using Schema tool, you can manage the way Google and other search engines show your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs). You can customize it to let the search engines show your reviews, events, hours of operation etc. Schema code is easy to integrate and it just requires simple copy and paste of code in your website’s HTML source. It also comes with a plugin for WordPress users.


  1. XML Sitemaps Generator



A sitemap is a must have factor for your website. It collects the URL of all your webpages so that search engines can crawl and index all your webpages together. This tool provides you the option to create a sitemap in XML and HTML format.


  1. txt Generator



It is highly recommended to create a ‘robots.txt’ file and add it to the route directory of your website, especially if you want search engines not to index a few pages of your website.


  1. SEO Quake



SEO Quake is very popular and frequently used heavy SEO tool and browser extension among the SEO professionals and companies. There are lots of SEO factors and metrics that it displays for a website, for example, domain age, the total number of indexed pages, external links, social shares etc.


  1. SEO SiteCheckup


This tool tells you a lot of issues that you can fix in order to optimize your website. This tool is worth many tools as it shows lots of factors altogether that you can check in different tools. So, it is a time-saving free SEO tool.


  1. SERPs Rank Checker



This tool shows the performance of your webpages with respect to your targeted keywords in different databases of search engines like Google and Yahoo.It’s a good tool to check the keyword ranking of your website in search engines.


  1. Siteliner



Having a duplicate content on your website can result in penalization by Google. So it is important to check whether the content published on your website is unique or copied. This tool will tell you about this. Apart from this, this tool will also let you know about any broken links of your website. You simply need to put the URL of your website in the box and click the ‘Go’ button.


  1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider



Screaming frog is an old and renowned desktop application SEO tool that is trusted and used by a huge number of SEO professionals around the world. It shows results related to On-page SEO, for example, broken links, server errors, title and Meta descriptions, etc.


  1. QuickSprout



If you are not an SEO expert and you want to optimize your website yourself, then this tool is a gem for you. It will show you search result preview of the individual webpages of your website, Page’s titles and Meta descriptions, H1…H2…H3 tags, internal links and your SEO score.


  1. Optimizely



This tool basically shows you its preference of the landing page of your website that can result in a better visitors flow. Its suggestions are based on live traffic and visitor stats.

These tools are the 15 best free SEO tools that you can use. However, there are many more free SEO tools available. It all depends on your particular requirements that which tool is important and which are not for you. Whatever tool you prefer, your website will be optimized well only if you follow the search engine quality guidelines taking the Google algorithm updates in your consideration.

How to safeguard your WordPress Site from the Cookies thief?

The above topic may sound cacophonous to the web admin that are largely depending on the WordPress for building their sites. This is not for the first time that webmasters have to come across the issues related to the security of the WordPress CMS. This has not only become all time preferred CMS just because of the numbers but it has also provided the relevant solutions to the user’s issues.

The diligent efforts in maintaining the security and the integrity of the CMS is undoubted and has made it stand ahead of the others. Irrespective of this the mischievous activities of the hacker’s community is never ending. The latest news as about the fake WordPress API that is quite similar in name with the original one has been launched to steal the information of the websites.

Nowadays the latest trap developed by the attackers is not all about hacking the site but they are focusing on stealing the information from the site. This is done by floating the fake WordPress site that is built to befool the webmasters and admin to give it control to browse the sessions and stealing the information.

This site related news was first revealed by the consulting firm Security in its report. This site is launched in the name of the WordPrssAPI that is quite enough to befool the users for using this fake API as it is of the WordPress CMS. Thus the mere typo sort of error made by the users in choosing the WordPrssAPI can lead you in troubles. This entire episode was about stealing information from the active cookies of the site.

This was based on the idea of using impersonate usage of the site by befooling the admin and the webmasters. Further, in the report, the Consulting firm clarified that there were no potential damages made to the sites running on the WordPress CMS. It also states that the fake site intending to steal the cookies is now offline. But this has created a new havoc for the WordPress Users that now shall keep a watch on such sites with malicious intentions.

The Original WordPress sites are having a pattern of login session expiry that safeguards the users from various issues as every time they have to log in using the password. This fraudulent API was stealing the information and sending it to the fake site so the login session expiry constraint was released.

How this Typo-squatting works?

This is known as the typo-squatting concept for befouling the users to long on the fake sites. Such sites are built in a dense coding pattern where it is difficult to notice the malicious code. This is usually injected in the JavaScript that allows the malware to run on the site without getting detected easily.

Further adding to it the hackers have developed the site in such a manner that all the information that was sent to the fake domains was kept hidden from the search engine crawlers. Thus it is inevitable for the webmasters to take care in using the legitimate sites only for any sort of code audit and other such processes.

The increasing number of the CMS based sites and has given the attackers the opportunity to focus on these sites as they are a simple target. The modular components make it easy to inject the malicious codes in the CMS based sites. These attacks are more prone to affect the sites running on the CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Magento, therefore, the webmasters need to be more focused and attentive for the same.

The beginner’s guide to avoiding cyber attacks

Online scams and frauds are one of the biggest threats to global cyber security, and small businesses are more often than not the primary victims of that. The logic is simple: small businesses often lack both the secure protocols and the business expertise to avoid such attacks. This is why the Federal Trade Commission has launched,a website that will help small business be aware of avoiding scams and protecting their business from cyber-attacks.

The Acting Chairman, Maureen Ohlhausen, commented that the US Government realize how important small businesses are for the economic growth of the nation, hence the website aims to serve as the ultimate destination to make small business owners aware of the risks and procedures of cyber security.

As a small context, it will be well worth to know that there are about 28 million small businesses across the United States, which employs a total of 57 million people if we believe the reports of US Small Business Administration. Since the numbers are so huge, it becomes easier for hackers to choose from and more difficult for the government to protect everyone. Small businesses, like we mentioned, are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks since they do not have the resources of big corporations to set up secure protocols. More often than not, it only takes a few minutes for a professional hacker to get into a typical small firm’s system. Most of the times, the attack is fairly textbook: fool them into downloading a file that is a malware, trick them into donating money to fake charities, making them pay for orders by making fake receipts or something to that effect. Sometimes, hackers go for a more sophisticated technique, like finding a breach in the company’s network and accessing vital information. Overall, the conclusion remains the same: if you don’t know the basics of cyber security, it is fairly simple for any teenager who knows his stuff to steal your money.

As it happens, most small businesses in the US don’t know the basics of cyber security, which compelled the FTC to launch the website. The website provides beginner’s guide about cyber security and the basic protocols you should employ in your company in order to prevent attacks and scams. It also aims to educate the employees about the threat, by informing them how to maintain the privacy of files, how to secure their network from external unauthorized access and how to react in case of an actual attack. The web page also gives information about the standard attacks like phishing and the newer threats like ransomware. The good thing is that FTC is aiming to make it a continuing initiative instead of a one-shot, and hence is working with SBA to keep updating the website with newer guidelines and threats.

If you are a small business owner, you should take this very seriously. The Federal Trade Commission is doing all it can to help you, but it requires efforts from your side too. In case you have further queries, you could always contact them on their helpline number, or contact them on Facebook or Twitter.


Most of us enjoy the convenience of shopping online because of a faster transaction and easy process. In the US, in 2014 it was recorded that an estimate of $61 billion was spent on online shopping. With this numbers, many personal information such as phone numbers, address and credit card information were flying around the internet. Such personal data translate many dollars to cyber thieves. Therefore, before giving any information and confirming any online transaction using your credit card, do not forget to check if the website is reliable and safe.

In order to determine if site is secured, the website URL always begins with https (hypertext transfer protocol secure) and has a padlock icon which can be seen at the bar or at the bottom of the website.

The https shows that the site is safe and security is in force.

The padlock icon signifies that the web page uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. SSL or TLS are cryptographic protocol that administers communications security over a computer network.

The padlock icon implies that all information and banking details are protected. The presence of such icon implicates that traffic to and from the page is encrypted. Encryption is the process of securing data by converting sensitive information into codes. This is done to prevent unauthorized access. Encryption blocks important data from being read by other individual who has the intention of stealing and taking advantage of such information.

The text in the URL must be preceded by a padlock icon. If the padlock icon is missing, the site is most likely fraudulent and must be treated with caution.

The padlock icon may be green or grey in color. A green padlock proves that you are connected to a site whose address is displayed in the address bar and such connection is not intercepted. It also signifies that the website is using EV (Extended Validation) certificate. Such certificate is a special site certificate that demands a significantly more meticulous identity verification procedure than other types of certificates.

The grey padlock indicates that the website is secured but such site did not an Extended Validation SSL certificate.
The padlock icon is not just an icon. You can click on it to see the website’s security details. Clicking on the icon is important because some fraudulent sites are built with a fake bar with a bogus padlock icon located at the bottom of the web page. It is advised to always check the functionality of the lock icon.

It is very important to check the browser’s help file. You can always contact the makers of the browser software if you are uncertain of its functions.

For you to stay safe online while making that purchase, it is advised to use familiar websites. Search for a trusted site and famous retail online shops. Beware of misspelled words or sites because scammers use different domains.

Always look for the padlock icon. Never buy anything online from a website that does not have SSL encryption installed. And never give anyone your credit card or bank information over email or private messages online.