Problems with Free Press Release Service

You may think that free press release services seem like a very easy public relations tactic. However, did you know that most PR and SEO experts recommend being extremely leery of them or better yet, avoiding them? While everyone may think that free press release distribution websites offer great result, a paid news distribution service offers far better search results compared to free press release services.

The concept of a free press release website that gets traffic and gets a one-way link are two the main reasons why webmasters, business owners, and some SEO professionals recommended using this service. However, this concept can also be a real head-scratcher to most PR professionals simply because it basically removes “reaching the media” from the real equation. The truth is,one-way links to your website actually came from a deep-linked webpage on the website of the free press release service, and not the homepage.


So what exactly is Free in Free Press Release?

Believe it or not, there are sites that promote themselves as free and offers too little for nothing. Most of the time, they post the release on their site and sometimes for a limited time only. But they do not distribute the news to media outlets. They might invite visitors to pay additional money to “publish” or “upgrade” for added services such as live links. And then there are websites that merely rub the advertisements which link to other press release websites. It can be tempting to try, however; this isn’t recommended especially for distribution.

What you only get for a press release service is actually the free traffic. An average press release can yield results of almost 100 visitors to your site. Not bad for a free press release distribution. Not until you realize that most of that traffic is not actually a potential customer. Rather, most of your visitors are website owners looking at their own press release on the website.


Why Getting a Paid Press Release Service Better than Opting for Free Press Release?

Getting a paid press release service has greater credibility to search engines and journalists because it gets your company news directly in front of the real and actual journalists. Thus results in placement in broadcasts outlets, print, and online news outlets. It could also look expensive yet the advantage is well worth it.

Aside from distributing your press release to different online news sites, databases, portals, and search engines paid press release services to send your news to different websites that are devoted to specific industries.


Why is a Press Release Still Important?

While most so-called experts suggest that press releases are no longer needed or worthless, one cannot deny the fact that press releases still has importance to businesses and companies alike.

Most of the major publicities such as those in top-tier media outlets don’t actually originate from press releases. Rather, it is the result of the customized pitch specifically aimed for the media outlet. However, the journalists who cover the business’ story as well as the consumers who visit your website typically expect to find press releases there. The result is there is no need to hunt for information about your news. And posting press releases online will ensure that it is part of the record.

When writing a press release about your new product, new business or events you’re hosting, you only want the widest exposure possible. And a press release is one great way to ensure you’ll have the largest publicity for your news.

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