Seven Signs You’re Stuck In Permanent Adolescence

People grow up slowly, but that seems to be slowing down even more. However, since human beings tend to live longer than before, how does it matter if people are growing older more slowly?At present even at the age of 30 people can still stay as if they are 21. It seems to be a good idea to stay young as much as possible. However, there are many traits that adults with any amount of self-respect should leave behind.

Check out the seven signs that show you are still an adolescent:

  1. You don’t want to do your chores: Some millennials feel that washing even their own food bowl is too much of an effort and should not be done; forget all the pots and pans post-cooking. Doing your dishes is what grown-ups have to do.
  2. You expect the food in front of you instantly: Hunger can be terrible, but to start a tantrum if it is late? Some millennials even do that when they are delivered the food late by even 10 minutes.
  3. Pocket money from mummy and daddy: Today’s generation finds it tough to hang on to things, but a little pocket money from the parents is mighty helpful. They take it gratefully never refusing it.
  4. More trust in retro food: Since childhood, the millennial kids have been raised on packaged foods which are a huge boon when you have a lot of work. Spaghetti hoops and smiley faced potato chips are not only nostalgic, but they also save so much on cooking. Foil covered ones that come in baking trays are even better because it means no washing.
  5. Staying with your parents: Many do not seemvery keen on living with the parents, but the house rent and allied expenses force them to return to their homes and rejoin the folks they had left. It may be soul destroying, but the well-stocked larder and the laundry services are such a relief and can make you forget almost everything.
  6. Staying up late: Even if you live with your parents, you still have an office where you will need to give attendance. But the thought is quickly forgotten while flipping through Instagram and all the other social media sites. Staying up late and enjoying the social networking life is a good idea that reminds of the adolescent days. It feels good to hang on to the old habits and throw care to the winds.
  7. Falling in love repeatedly:Falling in love everyday happens to teenagers and those who still are supposedly in their teens. The mode changes though because earlier you would send notes to someone in your classroom or school bus. Now, you will send the same love notes to a colleague via office messenger or with the help of social media. Your frequency of falling in love and looking for the right person remains inexplicably the same.
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