Top 6 Best Antivirus of 2018

It is very important today to have some sort of antivirus installed on your laptop or PC so that you can deal with a threat of virus, malware, and ransomware. A computer virus is a malicious program that tends to slow down or corrupt the device gradually. Moreover, a person may also lose important personal data and this is mainly targeted by ransomware. To negate all these types of mischievous activities, antivirus can be used. It detects and prevents many types of malware or ransomware attacks that may cause havoc. It must also be mentioned here that an antivirus may fail to detect ‘zero-day’ attacks, i.e., new malwares that has not been analyzed previously.

There are a lot of antiviruses available in the market today. To find out the most useful ones, I have gone through a deep research and have come up with the below mentioned top six best antivirus of 2018. I want to add here that this list of the top antivirus of 2018 are based on their capability of detecting and blocking malwares as well as recognizing ‘zero-day’ attacks and taking prompt preemptive steps. We list them out here one by one.

1. Bitdefender Total Security 2018:

It is available for many types of platforms and the entire operation is looked after by a central web portal. It utilizes Advanced Threat Defense Technology to counter ransomware and with the help of a new layer, it prevents all user folders. There can be enough Webcam Protection, File Shredder, Safe Online Banking and Password Manager. A year’s subscription may cost $ 54.99 but considering the number of features delivered by it and its technical reputation; this antivirus is worth buying.

2. Norton Security Deluxe 2018:

Symantec manages Norton and it benefits from the cloud support and cutting-edge technology brought by it. Features like the SONAR Protection detect malware simply by analyzing the behavior of applications. The Intrusion Prevention module stops attacks from already infected devices. It is a futuristic technology that can replace the more conventional signature-based protection. Online activity is protected by the integrated password manager. Web downloads are checked and reports are compiled and enough browser protection is also there to prevent against known vulnerabilities. A lot of utility performance features are also there that can be quite useful. This AV is priced at $97.95 and can be quite justified with all the features that it supports.

3. Kaspersky Total Security:

This antivirus can help in getting maximum privacy while being online. A secure browser can be made available so that no site can be able to track the user. Kaspersky Safe Money utility ensures that financial transactions can be done without any issue. The screen turn green when there is no risk and to orange when there are threats. There is also an on-screen keyboard so that data cannot be intercepted. A suspicious file can be sent to the Kaspersky Security Network for checking and its Software Cleaner can scan unused application before opening. The default Trusted Application mode can ensure only genuine applications to run and the data vault facility is sufficiently secured. A year’s subscription of this AV is prices at $59.99.

4. Kaspersky Security Cloud:

It is more or less similar to the earlier variant except for the patented adaptive security technology. It automatically adjusts the security parameters and informs the user like as it mentions a new device on the Wi-Fi or a website that does not have a security certificate to it. It can also analyze passwords for their strength. A user can also rejoice at the fact that its toolbar will not show on the browser. A year’s subscription of this antivirus can be bought at 49.99 pounds as the US version is not available as yet.

5. McAfee Total Protection:

It uses multi-factor authentication methods including face recognition and fingerprint techniques. It can provide sufficient email and web protection through its signature-based scanning features. The Web Advisor tool is useful for detecting and identifying suspicious downloads and shady URLs. The anti-spam module can keep the inbox free of spam emails. The File Lock can help in keeping all files safely. Associated shredder will ensure deleted files stay that way. The Vulnerability Scanner searches for the vulnerable softwares and downloads the latest versions. Lastly, My Home Network can be useful to take a peek into the complete network to determine if there are any unauthorized devices. A year’s subscription is available at $89.99.

6. ESET Internet Security 10:

Apart from e-commerce and internet banking, this antivirus can be useful for blocking phishing websites, mail content checking, and webcam protection. It can also scan the router to detect any botnet presence. A user can send unknown files for analysis in order to open it without any issue. The ESET SysRescue Live can be run to determine any rootkit threat. Its mobile variant is equally useful and can offer call filtering and SMS services. It also has enough anti-theft features and alerts a user when an unknown SIM card is put into the handset.


These are the six best antivirus options that are available in the market today and can be used according to one’s choice. All of them can offer enough protection to a user due to which they can be used easily and a user can expect to stay sufficiently relaxed without compromising on his online safety and security.

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