Top 7 Best Free Antivirus of 2018

With the flooding viruses on the internet which might harm your device immensely, it is necessary to have an anti-virus installed for preventing the effects of these destructive viruses. It is just a few minutes that it takes for a malware to infect your device, therefore make sure your antivirus is regularly updated.

Not only it will block the entrance of any new virus but will also clean the existing suspicious files present on your device. It helps keep your electronic gadget healthy.

Following are the top antivirus software (in no particular order) which you can download and use for FREE:


With the introduction of various advanced features and technological developments, Comodo made it to the top of the list of free antivirus systems. It is a cloud-based system which makes it even more useful and attractive. A few of its outstanding features include One-Click Virus Scanning, The Behavior Analysis based on the cloud, Auto-sandboxing technology etc. It also provides automatic scanning if anything new is added to the gadget. The complete interface is user-friendly and thus makes it more convenient to use this antivirus safely.

2. Panda Security:

For a normal device that stores very less data, Panda can prove to be a useful antivirus. It comes under the average category when compared as per the performance with other systems. A few interesting functions of this software include rescue kit, protection of USB and highly improved anti-phishing protection function.

3. AVG 2018:

Another popular and free available antivirus system is AVG. Despite being attained by Avast, it holds a strong and independent reputation in the market. It possesses an outstanding user interface. The reason for which being AVG Zen, the managing tool of the antivirus system. It allows you to track the overall security on all your devices. It is an amazing source to keep away malware from your device. The only drawback it possesses is the inability to block phishing attacks. Plugins like AVG Web Tune Up and Shred Using AVG are some interesting features of the antivirus.

4. Avast Free Antivirus 2018:

Avast is popular and is used by many gadget users across the world. It is an excellent antivirus system and provides professional protection to your gadgets. Along with the blocking and prevention of any new viruses and malware entering your system, it also facilitates the stopping of formation or self-regeneration of new files within a system. The Wi-Fi Inspector is yet another interesting feature offered by Avast. It helps to identify and to secure the available Wi-Fi connections your device might connect to. It also scans the files and software available on your device and notifies you in case any of them are not updated. It also gives you secure internet surfing as well as downloading.

5. Kaspersky:

This is one amazing available antivirus for the users to secure both the data and devices. In case you need an antivirus for non-commercial purposes, Kaspersky is a pro at blocking the malware as well as providing protection against phishing attacks. It also performs file scanning on your computer to identify and treat any unusual activities. What makes it even better is the availability of its on-screen keyboard which eliminates the chance of passwords being hacked by a keylogger. Many other amazing features make it a reliable and trustworthy antivirus system for your device’s welfare.

6. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition:

This antivirus allows you to avoid the complex and lengthy processes by giving you an easy and fast installation on your device. The Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition has been becoming popular because of its flawless performance in blocking the phishing attacks caused by a device and data. It detects these attacks automatically and deals with them immediately thus providing you hassle-free functioning. It also notifies you beforehand if you are about to open a fraudulent or suspicious website. Though the free edition isn’t as good as the paid one, it surely does provide you with the basic security required by your gadget for safe functioning.

7. Malwarebytes:

It is a lightweight and quickly installable system for your device. It has a special Anti-Ransomware design which detects and isolates ransomware on the basis of the behavior. The system has a drawback that it detects the ransomware late which gives it time to harm the files on the device.

Final Thoughts:

Mentioned above are a few popular as well as useful antivirus systems rated as the top antiviruses for 2018. Using any one of these seven free antivirus will help your device be protected and keep your data safe. Also, a healthy device will give an efficient output over the years.

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