Who has the BEST Cell Phone Cameras?

There is a saying that a picture tells a thousand words. And for that, cell phone cameras or smartphone cameras are more important than ever these days. So, whether you are a full-fledged photographer or just a passionate selfie lover, these are the best camera phones for you.

Check out our list of the best cell phone camera phones below:


Sony Xperia XZ

This brand has an awesome background in photography and also produces some of the best professional cameras around. It has a powerful 23MP snapper on its rear which makes you want to keep taking photos every single time.



This brand new smartphone from HTC is considered as having the best mobile camera on the market nowadays. In fact, it topped the DxOMark mobile scoreboard. DxOMark is an industry standard for image quality. Aside from its high-quality photos, it also offers customisable shortcuts even without touching the phone’s screen at all.



Now comes in dual snappers, LG G5 offers a duo on its rear with a third different implementation. First, you get the main camera of a 16MP snapper. Alongside, you have a wide angled 8MP camera and just like the 7 Plus, you have the option between the two for a more “zoom” effect. LG has been known for trying something different but quirky pairing.


Samsung Galaxy S8

One of this phone’s highlight is its curved infinity. Its camera sensor is 12 MP with Dual Pixel autofocusing technology. With its large camera sensor and advanced autofocus technology, you will be able to capture sharp and bright photos all the time. Shots are pin sharp, brightly colored and full of detail.


iPhone 7 Plus

This amazing smartphone features a dual lens 12 MP camera. One of the sensors captures more than ever due to its wide angle. The other sensor boasts its telephoto which offers x2 optical zoom. Aside from this, this cell phone has a new depth of field effect which gives your photos a more professional look than ever.


Google Pixel

Just like what is stated in its name, Pixel is the first smartphone created by Google. Its 12.3 MP camera has gained praises by the mobile industry. Aside from this, Pixel is also the first smartphone ever to feature Google Assistant. Google Assistant is Android’s first little helper with a touch of personality.


Huawei P10

Huawei is the first phone to team with one of the biggest names in camera lenses which is Leica. Its spec is made up of a 12 MP camera and the other one is a 20MP lens working seamlessly together. With one lens, captured images are razor sharp and come with vivid colors. The other lens shoots in black and white.


Cell phone cameras or smartphones are truly awesome. From Nokia 7650 which kicked started the obsession of cramming cameras into handsets, we’ve really come a long way when it comes to getting the best cell phone cameras. With all the top mobiles on the market rival, the capabilities of different mobile cameras come in a multitude of other tasks.

Have you considered which of the above brands the best are when it comes to phone cameras? Write it in the comment box below.

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