Why Not Upgrading To Windows 10 Is A Bad Idea

With the rampant cyber attacks in the computer world that is happening nowadays, Microsoft has been aggressive in its attempt to push computer users to download and update Windows 10. Research shows that millions of users of the old versions of Windows are prone to cyber attack and hacking.

With the latest news of a new deadly virus called WannaCry spreading like wildfire, internet users are urged to update their software immediately to be able to effectively secure computer data.

WannaCry is a computer virus that managed to infect 230,000 computers worldwide. Wannacry is an encryption-based ransomeware that is also known as WannaDecryptor or WCRY. A particular WannaCryransomeware was seen in the UK particularly UK’s National Health Service (NHS) wherein the virus blocked access to all systems and files. The victims were warned by the hackers that their files would be permanently deleted and destroyed within days if they did not pay up with an amount using Bitcoin.Bitcoin is known to be the world’s biggest virtual currency. Also a victim of the virus was Spain’s Telefonica, Deutsche Bahn Company and even FedEx. The companies were asked to pay a ransom to unlock their devices.

Computer owners using Windows XP were hit by the virus but experts discovered that suggest otherwise. A cyber security firm named Kaspersky released new data that suggests that Windows 7 was hit the hardest by the attack. And it is such a tragedy that 45% of computers worldwide still run Windows 7.

The WannaCryransomware works through the system by encrypting files on computers and locking users out. A message will then appear on the screen with a ransom demand. A count down timer and bitcoin wallet will also appear to pay funds into.

Because of this, Microsoft immediately released a patch for Windows 7 for users to immediately update for the latest version.

Microsoft then released a statement that it is the latest Windows 10 software that is proven to be the only OS that is completely safe from the deadly virus WannaCry.

Such statement was then backed up by Kaspersky. They have proven that there are minimal amount of infection on Windows 10 which is due to manual infections carried out for testing.

Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brand Smith stated that cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. And there is no way for computer clients to protect themselves against such threats unless they update their computer systems.

Customers are advised to use the latest software version because it includes solutions and run up-to-date anti-virus program.

It is important to have backups all important data. Ensure that the latest WannaCry patch is installed to prevent the ransomware from attacking.

And for all vulnerable systems, they should shot down as a final fail-safe way to prevent and stop such attack.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) encourages all victims of such cyber attacknot to pay ransom and to immediately contact the proper authorities.

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